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December 11.1754-The Qing Dynasty Scholars of Wu Jingzi's death

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(Awake, October 28), December 11, 1754 the Qing Dynasty Scholars Wu Jingzi's death. ,

The Qing Dynasty Scholars of Wu Jingzi's death
The Qing Dynasty Scholars of Wu Jingzi's death
1754 December 11, 2011, death of (lsjt.net) Scholars of Wu Jingzi "target =" _blank "> Wu Jingzi's death.
the Wu Jingzi (1701 to 1754) the word sensitive Xuan, (lssjt.cn) number tablets China (the existing Wu Jingzi handwritten "Lanting Syria" cover seal: "Quanjiao Wu Jingzi number tablets China and India"), Qing Dynasty the novelist, Anhui Quanjiao people Wu Jingzi students in the Qing Sheng Zu Kangxi four decades, died in Gaozong Qianlong nineteen years, aged 54 (54 years of his life, in Quanjiao 23 years, in Ganyu 10 years, 21 years) in Nanjing. immature that Ying different good memorization. slightly longer complement academia disciples member. especially fine "Selected Works" Licheng Fu Yuanbi. poor governance Health and heroic resistance, not the number of years the old production squandered all the best, when, or as to the absolute grain. (lsjt.org ) thirteen years Yongzheng (AD 1735) governor of the State of Zhao resounds cite to should be "learned Hung word went (to participate in the College, Fuyuan and Christ Hospital three local exam, and the illness is not to go Ting Shi). shift home Jinling, chief for the literary world. they set comrades built sages two Yuhua foothills of worship Taber following of 230. underfunded and sale of HOS flats into the home due to pro-poor in his later years since No. Wood elderly, customer Yangzhou, especially unconventional drunken King to Azusa life of the most evil cite industry died off after the book, "The Scholars" fifty-five back (a for fifty-six back again one for the time, 60 were non-original) designed to write boil in this truth, humor, read the hilarious also called "the poem said" seven volumes, "Wen the wood Sanbanggulsa set" in five volumes, poetry seven volumes "History of Chinese Fiction" and pass the world and it is also known as the home "Wen the wood Sanbanggulsa", so in his later years claiming to be a wooden elderly, and because of Quanjiao moved from his hometown in Anhui, Jiangsu Nanjing Qinhuai River, The "the Qinhuai apartment off." He was born in the officialdom of the door, well-educated child, showing a flair for literary creation, when we had an adult, because an official place to place with his father a chance to get a lot of insight officialdom insider. Wu Jingzi the age of 22, his father died in a fierce battle within the family because of the property and power.
experienced this misfortune, Wu Jingzi neither heart official, to detest hypocrisy interpersonal, has no intention aggressive fame. Anhui governor recommended that he should be knowledgeable Hung term exam, he had to pretend to be sick not to go. his mismanagement housekeeping, case of the poor that facilities and family, selling the best, up to 1754 53-year-old died, has been living a frugal life. < br> in Wu Jingzi life, the life and thought of great change in life, he plunged into poverty by the wealthy; expressed diametrically opposed views ideologically, for the fame and fortune he grew up in the imperial examination of family Leidai life time to spend more than half in Nanjing and Yangzhou, bureaucratic gentry, cream Liang Zaidi, held industry people, celebrities, clear off, he is a commonplace of his indignation to see the lives of these "upper echelons" the bureaucratic practice favoritism, the gentry arbitrary Township Qu, cream Liang Zaidi's mediocre Hunkui cite industry human greed, Baume & Mercier arty and clear off the trickster. coupled with his personal life by the rich but the poor, the batch of the "upper echelons" countenance blowing hot and cold, it is easy to perceive. decadent spiritual life of these various types of intellectuals Scholars made thoroughly exposed, just like "Yu the Great casting Jiuding, through the marvelous free shaped "(brigade cloud Balsan records," volume IV) more vivid artistic images shaping his works exceptionally attractive and moving force.
he lived through the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi, Yongzheng Emperor, Emperor Qianlong three generations. was there the seeds of capitalist relations of production, a certain degree of prosperity and social, but, this is nothing but a supernatural power, and the prosperity of the surface of the imminent collapse of China's feudal society can not cover up the Tower will be dumped facts. Yongzheng Emperor, Emperor Qianlong period, the Qing rulers in the gradual suppression of an armed uprising, while also Daxing literary inquisition, erudite macro word Division for bait; exam Bagu, the civil service exams cage scholars advocate Science to the ruling ideology way to deal with the intellectuals, the imperial examination system hazards deepest, affecting the most widely used, so many intellectuals fall into the trap pursuit of fortune and become ignorant, despicable philistine Wu Jingzi see through this dark political and decadent society atmosphere, so he was opposed to the stereotyped, against the imperial examination system, unwilling to participate in the examination of the learned macro word Branch abomination Scholars who are obsessed with system Art keen to gain fame and fortune Xi Shang. these views are reflected in his Scholars his ironic approach to these ugly things profound revelations and strong criticism, showing the color of his democratic ideology. the
Wu Jingzi life writing a lot of poetry, prose and historical research writings "Wen the wood Sanbanggulsa poetry anthology" 12 volumes, this deposit volumes. however, established his eminent position in the history of Chinese literature, his the long satirical novel creation "Scholars the book" Fanjinzhongju " the language article also elected to 9 (third) year registration book. novel about his nearly 20 years until 49 years of age to complete. established in his hometown the "Wu Jingzi Memorial; Nanjing Qinhuai River peach leaf crossing also established the Wu Jingzi former residence ".

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