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January 2.1943-Japanese occupation of the Philippine capital of Manila

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(Horse winter months 26), January 2, 1943, the Japanese occupation of the Philippine capital of Manila.

1941, just ten hours after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese on the United States under the control of the Philippines launched an attack on occupied Manila in January 2, 1942, about seven million people become Japanese prisoners of war. Japanese troops escorted the prisoners to brutal POW camp, the whole situation of more than one hundred kilometers away, known as the Bataan Death March. Only to the departure in the process of the whole march the POWs to eat a rice ball, the way thereafter allowed to prisoners of war to drink water eating, any attempt to look for water and food, and he was the Japanese bayonet or shot executions. Along the way, or were prisoners of war of the Japanese army killed more than one million people have died due to hunger and thirst. Within two months after the arrival at the POW camp, there are 26,000 prisoners of war by the Japanese tortured to death.
1945, World War II, the end of the Pacific War, the Japanese army in the islands of the South Pacific retreat evacuate the Philippine capital Manila massacre that lasted for a month-long, until February 23, U.S. forces recapture Manila . The total number of Filipinos were massacred more than 100,000 people, a daily average of 3,000 people were killed. Most horrendous time at the University of Sao Paulo killed 994 Filipino children.
to September 1945, Japan announced its surrender, Philippine soldiers and civilians killed in the war, more than one million.

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