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December 11.1915-Monarchy

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(YiMao winter of early e), December 11, 1915, the Monarchy. the

Monarchy standards like
1915, Beijing and the provinces voting Tuidai always see completed, reported to the homes of political participation, and constructive political participation homes as the chief representative of the National Congress. (Lssjt.cn)
December 11, 0900, held to solve the state system total billing. Provinces, the national representative of a total of 1993 people, in favor of the constitutional monarchy ticket just 1993, not one vote against it, and no one invalid ballot papers. The unanimous written provinces Tuidai book: "Christine wearing today the President Yuan emperor of the Chinese Empire and the emperor on full sovereignty to the country's most venerated Edward built a very, pass the eternal. The "spot Yang Du and Sun Yujun proposal, said:" The Court commissioned by the provinces as the chief representative in particular, should be the name of the chief representative of the book Christine on Tuidai the. "The Secretary-General to come up with ready the public good Tuidai book reading, Yuan Shikai" public opinion overlooking Shun Teng Dabao Secretary herd of Health, shoe Extreme Jinglun Kuni. In politics all stood up and unanimously adopted. Following the adjournment of 11:30, cheers. The [? V history today?? Com]
at noon that day, Yuan Shikai received Tuidai book immediately sent back, and Shen Ling "otherwise Tuidai". He first said: "The sovereignty of the Republic of investigation about law contained in this to the nationals of all, both by the National Congress plenary vote in favor of constitutional monarchy, the present president since no room for discussion. "Except Tuidai to fell swoop, without any horrified. The politics of the president hanging three decades ... on without Pi in the country taking into account, under no avail pepole remember the Gujun have been ashamed about this sudden Ji bit, at the heart of any security? This morality can not be ashamed by. Paul states of the system of governance, the first major letter. Republic was first built, the president told the Senate oath, is willing to endeavor to exert republic if the monarchy since this is a departure from the oath, this credibility beyond the self ... Hope National Congress representatives cooked chips trial into account, otherwise Tuidai, to solid the IMF. In 17:00, political participation homes meet again, Sun Yujun etc. proposed matter both nationally consistent, heads of state nor public opinion over whisk supposed is presenting a second time Tuidai the book by the Court on behalf of the chief representative of the. The public voted for the amendment. in just 15 minutes
Secretary of the Department intended to more than 2,600 word length text, political participation hospital to continue the meeting, the crowd of Tuidai the book raised no objections to the pardoning Yuan is in the evening. Tuidai in this book, bless Yuan have Jingwu, Martini, civilized, Jingnan chaotic set, cross neighbor the six "intense power". Said: "before this oath, to carry forward the Republican willing to words, words This the Special Republic of the heads of state of a rule is only one of the inaugural ceremonial. The date of oath root in the status of the heads of state of the status, the root of the heads of state of the Republic of the state system. The state system implementation is scheduled for the citizens of the intention, when the heads of state depends on public opinion from the breach. Opinion republican oath with the state system and effective; opinion Constitutional Monarchy, the oath in tandem with the country physical changes. Today, nationals have rejected the Republican trend Constitutional Monarchy, public opinion has changed, the state system has been changed, the status of the heads of state of the Republic no longer save, the heads of state of the Republic of the oath, of course eradication. Where euphemistically nationals of the self as solid emperor vague phase involved also. The "solid Monarchy.
12 early in the morning, Yuan Shen Ling said: "The rise and fall of the world, everyone is responsible to the patriotic, the Ju in person? Trillion Tuidai great responsibility, how to make huge profits on the people's livelihood, how to revitalize the national power, how to refresh political, Ji Jin civilization, various correction measures, Qi in thin Tak fresh energy by gram load! Previous skim sincere statement, the thus humility actual cause anxious Ti Wen Ying, who also can not own. Nationals is to blame more strict, expect more cut, brought a child nor to the self, there is no blame-avoidance. "In order to" save the nation and the people had when the emperor. Heaven ceremony
to the Temple of Heaven line to (L $ djτ.cōm)
Monarchy the Tiantan line Heaven ceremony

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