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December 12.1765-Chinese Qing Dynasty painter Zheng Xie's death

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December 12, 1765 (the Yiyou in the winter in early), the death of the Chinese Qing Dynasty painter Zheng Xie.

Chinese Qing Dynasty painter Zheng Xie's death
in 1765, the death of Zheng Xie.
Zheng Xie (1693 to 1765.12.12), Chinese Qing Dynasty painter, calligrapher and writer. Word krusei, No. Itabashi, Xinghua, was born in 1693, died in 1765, the Kangxi Xiu Cai, Yongzheng the lifts, Qianlong Scholars. Guest in Yangzhou, to sell paintings for a living. As one of the "Eight Eccentrics, its poetry, calligraphy and painting, the Bank said," Ruin "good at painting Lanzhu. the
According to Li Yu? thin moth generation? Zang Yi hazel?? rely muscle points mechanical? ldquo; eight strange "Luo Pin, Li Fang Ying, Lee? McKinnon, Huang Shen, Zheng Xie, Gao Xiang Wang Shi Shen. In addition, the "Eight Eccentrics" of each book column names, still high FENGHAN, side Shoumin, Min Chen, etc., saying far from uniform, most people take the number "eight", and more? He relent from Li Yu? lt; br> Itabashi bloods, three generations of scholars, GGP new Wan, Qixiang (xiang) Health; grandfather Qing Confucian official, the parent of this legislation, word legislation Um, barns (lin) Health. Zheng Banqiao impoverished family of intellectuals, the mother died young, Lai stepmother upbringing. The teenager from the school in the township ancestors Lu Zhen, more than 20-year-old scholar, held provincial examinations Yongzheng decade (1732), in the first year of Qianlong (1736) Scholars. Seven served as the Shandong Fanxian magistrate. Year later transferred Weihsien. In thirteen years, of Emperor Qianlong 弘历 East patrol to Taishan, his calligraphy history. Please Relief offend Dali eighteen years and dismissed from office. Seals and stamps his calligraphy: "Kangxi Xiu Cai, the Yongzheng juren, Qianlong Scholars, the" Qianlong East sealing the history of painting and calligraphy, seven items official ear ", said the documentary of his life .
Zheng Xie dry only for the government, hate the style of official corruption, compassion underlying masses. Take emergency measures in the Weixian any on the first two years, coincides with the Shandong famine, "people food" painful scene, Zheng Xie, less than reporting to the supervisor for approval, to spend official positions in food loans to the hungry, revenged disaster is still heavy, he burned all credit vouchers, take the food-for-work approach, to repair city chisel pool attract far and near victims to go to work on food; ordered eup Ping Tiao hoard grain the the large plant opened porridge House and plot millet, so the hungry through our famine. But these measures violated the gentry officials of the interests of the well-off and decadent, relieved of duty had been framed. Off Weixian your bag desolate, volume of only a number of books, the people deplored retain even its established Shengci. Zheng Xie broad-minded personality, sloppy, hi, talk, characterize characters. At that time, that is, people known as "mad" and "strange". Dismissed from Office after ranking Yangzhou to sell paintings for a living. (L $ djτ.cōm)

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