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December 13.1627-China's Ming Dynasty final eunuch Wei Zhongxian suicide

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December 13, 1627 (Dingmao winter and the beginning of the month six), the Chinese Ming dynasty late eunuch Wei Zhongxian suicide.

China's Ming Dynasty final eunuch Wei Zhongxian suicide
WeiZhongXian suicide "target =" _blank "> Wei Zhongxian (from 1568 to 1627, December 13), formerly known as Li Jinzhong final. (L $ djτ.ЙЁT) China's Ming Dynasty eunuch. Northern Zhili Suning (this is a Hebei) people born in marketplace rogue after gambling debts forced Suizi castrated palace do eunuchs, (L $ djτ.cōm) in the palace to know too uterus eunuch Wang obtaining Woo Bailey then get to know Wong Sun Zhu from the school nanny Keshi on food thereto Wong Sun, the culmination of the flattering things to lure their banquet, and even lent their favor. Taichang reign (1620 AD), on the throne by the school for the Tianqi Emperor. Bing pen eunuch Wei upgraded to Division ceremony.
Ming Tianqi Emperor "carpenters genius", like knife saws chisels paint work day and night to create a "each create a proud, meal drink can forget the summer and winter indiscriminately sleep. "he had personally made in the courtyard of a small palace, form of imitation Qianqinggong, than three feet, but tortuous subtle, intricate [lsjt.net] WeiZhongXian always take him to do carpentry done engrossed when to take important memorial to please his marking Xizong casually said: "Zhenyi learned men! Rubei good whom the the (lsjt.net) WeiZhongXian gradually Zhuanshan affairs of state. Donglin Party person when
Officials government minister Zhao Southern Star, the court in the exclusion of the opposition, so non-the Donglin faction anger in Meeting WeiZhongXian. In 1624, WeiZhongXian was impeachment of Yanglian, but survived, and began a large-scale persecution of repression Donglin party who, apocalypse Wei Zhongxian borrow Xiongting Bi event in five years (1625), framed the Donglin party's left light bucket, Yang Lian, Zhou from the yuan, Zhou Shunchang, Miao Chang-take bribes crime of massive searches Donglin Tianqi reign WeiZhongXian and to killing Gao Panlong, were built, yellow statue Su, Lee should upgrade and the Wei Zhongxian ordered ban ruined Donglin College "target =" _blank "> Donglin College were all demolished, lecturing terminated. At this point, Donglin party Yandang forces wipe out, when Donglin?? Phase, parallel first on punish ".
WeiZhongXian Emperor nursing mothers Keshi hand in glove, working hand in glove, extremely favored letter, called "Nine Chitose, he himself was a civil kept a lot of the" adopted son ", such as" five Tiger "," five dogs "," ten baby "," Forty-Sun. In its heyday, around officials flattery, have established his Shengci. Chong Zhen Emperor Zhu by the prosecution came to the throne after 1627, impeached, exiled fengyang, committed suicide on the way. The (lssjt.cn)
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