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February 15.0557-Yuwen Jue establishment of the Northern Zhou Dynasty

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(Landmarks in the first day of the first lunar month), February 15, 557 years, Yuwen Jue establishment of the Northern Zhou Dynasty. Hyo Min Emperor,

Yuwen Jue establishment of the Northern Zhou Dynasty
the Yuwen feel
Yuwen Jue (542-557), a? Ronnie, the Northern Zhou Xiao Min Timor. Xianbei, the North Zhou Wendi parent Yuwen Tai's three sons. Yuwen Tai (lssjt.cn)
556 (the Western Wei Gongdi three years) Yuwen Jue inherited his father's official post, the passage of Taishi, Zhuguo, Big Chief Minister. And later was given the title Duke of Zhou. The (lsjt.org)
Yuwen Jue the Zhongshan public the Yuwen care of support, on February 15, 557 years (the Northern Zhou Xiao flash the Emperor first year is the beginning of 1) generation of Western Wei said King. Weeks of the name of the country, known as the Northern Zhou Dynasty. Yuwen Jue built week, sealing the Western Wei Gongdi as not public, and soon after that it will kill him. Word Retaining grown arrogant, with himself as the Big Chief Minister, arbitrary national policy. September
557, Yuwen Wang Yuwen Jue care waste, it is dismissed as Lueyang public and put under house arrest, and he will soon be poisoned, only 16 years old. Later, Yu Wen Yong Yuwen Yong Heaven's the Yuwen care, ordered the emblem Yuwen feel. So posthumous sent Shu public Yuchi Jiong in the southern suburbs, called the mausoleum for Emperor Hyo Min Jing Ling.

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