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December 13.1996-The death of Cao Yu, the founder of modern drama

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December 13, 1996 (Rat in the winter in early c), the death of Cao Yu, the founder of modern drama. , Cao Yu In 1996 December 13, at 3 o'clock in the morning,

The death of Cao Yu, the founder of modern drama
The death of Cao Yu, the founder of modern drama
55 points, the master dramatist Cao Yu, the founder of modern drama, peacefully passed away in his sleep. Until 6:00, Beijing Hospital doctor still in emergency rescue him, hoping he opened his eyes, as of old, smiled kindly. However, he slept too familiar, and doctors were unable to wake him up. His wife, the famous Peking Opera actor Li Yuru see him on the heart monitor, corrugated pull into a straight horizontal line. She held back tears, gently in his ear: "call The Jiabao Jiabao, is Yu-Ru, I see you coming. "At this time, the horizontal line also will slightly beat or two, people hoping for a miracle can happen, but the miracle never occurred.
Li Yuru burst into tears, she and Mr. Cao spent the last 17 years, to accompany him in the hospital for a whole eight years, the two had each other to each other to become each other's spiritual pillar. Eight years ago, Mr. Cao kidney failure admitted to a Beijing hospital, the doctor told Li Yuru: Mr. Cao only 3 months to 5 months time, ever since that day, her sons and daughters and Beijing hospital doctor in order to extend Mr. Cao's life and struggle, rushing. [L $ djτ.cōm]
said, she found what topics are not as writing to arouse the interest of Mr. accompany Mr. Li Yuru. She picked up the pen, trying to write a novel. Mr. looked very happy, and even said good, good. Some people looked at, it is recommended to change the TV series, and Li Yuru contract. She is the drama named "Black and White" playwright WuZuGuang said, "Black and White" is good, but two ze sound, Southerners reading ring true name. Or Cao Yu said, change it, change it, called "the little woman". This 'small' is not the size of the small, but humble and obscure meaning. I write is the story of a humble kind-hearted woman, in the name of Mr. reform much better. The "Li Yuru recalls. (History today www.lssdjt.com) hospitalized for eight years
, Mr. Cao want to do is to write the script, he had the idea of ​​two single drama, named "old kookaburra, written is the a Daisha old story. Mr. each to quickly devise a plot written on paper, "the man said: ...... woman said: ..." are outline, and ultimately not completed.
the past eight years, Mr. Cao ward off the total can not come to see every have come from afar requirements posed for pictures with Mr. or Sir, please write an inscription, the President shall not refuse to and eleven meet their requirements. Li Yuru said, only I know, he has no strength, and he was still desperately try to, like a candle, drop by drop, until exhausted the last drop of wax.
"Mr. go very serene, like sleeping, like the doctor said, he go happiest. Can also be said that he walked no worried. His complete works and art collections in his lifetime. If any regrets, and that is not able to participate in and. So he misses friends, said If you go to will, there will be a lot of people look at him, and clothes for him to participate in and do a good job, but he left ...... "Li Yuru said:" If Mr. What worried about, that is, do not trust me Liuzaishishang. He has repeatedly said to me, those who go first, leaving the person may be so bitter. Signed about two mornings, I proposed the outline of the "little woman", did not go to the hospital, his nurse comes into the room as I say my mother came ...... "(Cao Mr. Li Yuru "father" and "mother" proportionality). early
persuaded him that night twin Yu-Ru children back rest, clock 20:00, he is still sitting in front of the TV looked "Pujiang narrative" interest by carer white for a sentence in his ear delivery. 15:50, the nurses see Mr. sweat a lot, so he drank four small glasses of water. Re blood pressure, body temperature, everything is normal. Mr. safely asleep after drinking water. Soon, the doctor came in rounds, found Mr. shortness of breath, the end result of the rescue measures proved ineffectual, passed away. Mr. Zhao Puchu,
90 years old, is the earliest know one message Mr. died, he fell silent stand in Mr. bed, and turned back to his ward, wrote a scroll elegiac couplet: "Art Sea instruct people have seen the thunder universally, such as the the article Chinese State long sunrise. The 95-year-old Hu Qi Qing elderly also sent a handwritten elegiac couplet: the drama the faces and voices of Bing Houshi lifelong noble anti-imperialist closure. Elegiac couplet, literature and art celebrities sent flowers filled the hall, each of the people who came to offer condolences to his mouth, tears of affectionate farewell to Mr.. Mr.
Li Yuru fear that the friends of Mr. Ba Jin know this news will hurt the body, specially called to tell Balao's daughter Li Xiaolin, allowing her to conceal the news. Li Xiaolin said, hiding is concealed from the elderly every day to look at electric concept, the newspaper, it is better to find a way to properly tell him, several doctors told Balao chatted about the President's condition. All the bedding are paving the way to finally told him to Cao Yu go. Balao grief half did not say anything, and finally blurt out, "You are not always told me that he's in good health! "Immediately to Beijing sent a telex, wrote:" Jiabao did not go, he will always live in the hearts of viewers and readers. "
" Cao Yu Drama set cover

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