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February 12.0712-Du Fu was born

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February 12, 712 (, Yam Tze years the first day of the first lunar month), the birth of the great poet Du Fu. Du Fu was born

Du Fu was born
Du Fu was born
"target =" _blank "> Du Fu, the word in the United States origin Xiangyang AD 712 (Don customers were Tai Chi is the first year day of the first month) was born in Gongxian. Tang Kaiyuan late exam Scholars not roaming around.
746 years into Changan, the any Umori rate government army helmet Cao (history cn) Shi Rebellion, Lushan army trapped Changan Du Fu fled to Fengxiang, defected to Don Suzong, any Zuo Shiyi post with Suzong recovered Chang'an, also in Beijing. witnessed corruption and sufferings of the people in the court, shortly Qi Guan Shu, built thatched cottage in Chengdu Huanhuaxi beside that water the flowers Cottage once served as staff officer, calibration and Industry YuanWaiLang in the Jiannan Jiedushi Yan Wu tabernacle, it is called "Du Fu" (L $ djτ.cōm)
his later years with his family out of Sichuan, 770 died in the Xiangjiang River en route with Du Fu set the Du Fu archaic, known verses, a variety of styles, his poetry shows the history of the Tang Dynasty from the gloom and doom, known as the "poet". < ; br>

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