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December 14.1927-National Government broke off diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union

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December 14, 1927 (Dingmao winter months u), the Nationalist government broke off diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union.

National Government broke off diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union
National Government broke off diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union
living all over the Soviet Union nationals were deported
1927 12 14, the Nanjing National Government released the Soviet Union broke off diplomatic relations order, claiming that "on the 11th of this month in Guangdong Incident reason rests with a total of party Soviet Consulate and its state-owned commercial organ ground for manipulation instructions ". Other provinces have the outbreak of consideration. For the security reasons, should be forthcoming in the provinces of the Soviet consul shall be revoked, all the provinces of the Soviet state organs should be ordered to cease operation. In, in
15 Foreign Minister Wu Chaoshu, Soviet Union Consulate General, surface delivery sever country traffic dispatch limit exit Su consular week. The same day, the formulation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Soviet Union break off way three: revocation of the consular the consulate officers deadline departure; Soviet state-owned commercial authorities shall be ordered to cease operation; the detailed investigation Su membership nationals the total number Suqiao should collar Aliens license. Subsequently, search and occupation of the Soviet consulate premises, surveillance, arrest and killing of the diplomatic staff of the Soviet Union and Soviet nationals cases have occurred.
terrorist Guangzhou street (τōdāyōńhī $ τōry.cōm) 5700 people were killed

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