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February 12.1138-Country promulgated Jurchen text

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(Wu Wu, the first day of the first lunar month), February 12, 1138, the country promulgated the the Nuzhen text.

Country promulgated Jurchen text
Jurchen initially text of this nation, the first use of the Khitan word. After the founding of the Aguda, in order to facilitate the implementation of the decree, will be in command 1119 (three gold days auxiliary,), minister Wanyan Xi Yin made Jurchen text. Xi Yin reference the kanji and Khitan the rate made Jurchen rate, after "Jurchen characters. (History TodayOnHistory.com)
Later Jin Xizong February 12, 1138 AD (Gold Tianjuan the first year of a regular day of the first month) and made a new word, "Jurchen small print.
Year 1145 (Kim Wong EC five years) awarded.
Jurchen been used to translate Chinese books, it Jurchen culture to improve and Jurchen feudal acceleration played a certain role.

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