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December 14.1992-The first case of female to male sex change successful sex change operation

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December 14, 1992 (Renshen the winter months U), the first case of female to male sex change successful sex change operation.

1992 12 14, the Xinhua News Agency, China's famous plastic surgery expert Professor He Qinglian implementation of China's first case of changing from female to male sex change operation to be successful. The 26-year-old girl, who suffer from transsexualism, for a long time because they can not convert their own gender depressed, anxious. Professor He Qinglian, Shanghai Changzheng Hospital Plastic Surgery and aides that she had been in a serious morbid, if not the purposes of sex reassignment surgery, she will lose the ability to work, or even life in danger. Surgeries carried out in October 1991. The patients in the physiological, psychological, have grown accustomed to male life. (Lssjt.cn)

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