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December 15.2008-The basic "three direct links" New Page in History

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December 15, 2008 (Lunar New Year winter months XVIII), direct cross-strait "three links" basic New Page in History.

The basic "three direct links" New Page in History
The basic "three direct links" New Page in History
The basic "three direct links" New Page in History
December 15, at the Tianjin Port, China Shipping Group belongs Yantai "round and China Ocean Shipping (Group)" Oceania "round two-ton ships loaded with containers ready to go . The same day, the cross-strait direct shipping inaugural ceremony was held in Tianjin Dongjiang Bonded Port Area.
after 59 years of ups and downs and looking forward to both sides of the aircraft, ships, and letters, the 15th historic Across the Taiwan Strait is no longer around via a third place and direct access to the other side, the basic realization of direct "three through. " (History today www.lssdjt.com)
analysts say, the start of the cross-strait direct air and sea transport, and direct postal, marking closer cross-strait exchanges, the relationship more ease and cooperation across the Taiwan Strait region , peace, harmony and the laying of the Shining Path.
15 days 8 hours 05 minutes, facing the brilliant dawn, the mainland Eastern Airlines MU2075 flight took off from Shanghai Pudong airport, for the first time along the "straighter" of the Taiwan Strait air two-way direct routes to fly Taipei. after
6 minutes, accompanied by the hope in their eyes, Taiwan Airways Flight 332 from Taipei Songshan Airport vacated, first along the two-way direct routes to Shanghai.
8 hours 47 minutes, two of the implementation of the cross-strait direct air charter flights in the air 3000 feet apart met milky smoke tracks merged into a new node of the cross-strait relations and the history of communication. In In December 15, three of Taiwan compatriots in the Shenzhen airport boarding waved. 7:20 that morning, as the "three direct links" continental flights to Taiwan, (L $ djτ.cōm) the Shenzhen Airlines ZH9095 flight officially took off from the Shenzhen Airport. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhuang Jinshe
December 15, the cross-strait direct postal ceremony was held at the Beijing Capital International Airport, Beijing University of Aeronautics mail exchange station.

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