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December 16.0705-Empress Wu Zetian's death

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December 16 (Otomi in the winter months 26) 705, Empress Wu Zetian's death. (February 17, 624 -705 years to December 16, the Lunar New Year in November 26),

Empress Wu Zetian's death
Wu Zetian known Wu? Zhun vermiculite Bang intestinal worm? vent?? fly title ㄒ the bad na? implementation of Di L employed Huh ridiculed shelter? the feces Carchesium? 55 -683 years), the Tang Zhongzong, Don Ruizong when Empress Dowager December 27 (683 -690 years, October 16, 2011), after the self-reliance for Wuzhou Huang Di (690 October 16 -705 years reign) on February 22, 705 years after the abdication, became the only female in the history of China overlord. the
I made (rebellious Ritmeester), and then take three objects, a Tiebian, two iron Laos, three daggers, Tiebian hit dissatisfied, first by Laos and Laos, and refuses to accept the dagger off its throat; wild have left behind Yin, the prime minister had also - of Empress Wu
emperor in Chinese history, people have hundreds of the thousands of the king. Special than this huge group Wu Zetian, she is not only the only woman, boarded the the highest throne course dangerous twists and breathtaking, she has many so that future generations can not tell whether for political or human undying place. Wu Zetian, whose real name is Wu Zhao,
, was Emperor Ciming the seductive woman, Wu became the emperor renamed? wish? ldquo; days "from her old age appellation" the days of the Great Sage emperor. Parent samurai wok original timber merchants in the Tang Dynasty, the founding meritorious, rose to the rank of minister of works. With this background, Wu Zetian 14-year-old elected to the Palace, the only person in Emperor. Despite the humble, but her outstanding beauty, extraordinary talent and luck, get the attention of of Taizong their Prince Li Zhi. Taizong died in 649, Empress Wu was forced to eat and sleep Nepalese Temple to the sense of industry, to endure the life of the lamp in the yellow paper.

the Empress Wu eager character determines she must seek an end to this life, and the fate of the highly esteemed also gave her the opportunity to make a comeback. Li Zhi, the throne for King Gojong shortly after, they put her called up the Palace, was promoted to Zhao Yi. After a few years of Empress Wu into thrilling rivalry struggle, first United Queen Doudao the Consort Xiao, and then framed Empress Wang consideration to strangle a daughter, to be consigned to limbo. 655, Wu Zetian finally boarded a life first peak - Queen,. The (history TodayOnHistory.com)
In this process, Wu Zetian deeply felt hostility Sun loudly, led by the old school of their own. The Upper Queen after she was ousted more than 20 opposition officials, Sun loudly forced to commit suicide, and began to cultivate their own forces, Zhuo Yong of a the Ribeiro government, Xu Jingzong cronies.
660 years, the Emperor's "disease" wind dizzy episodes, headaches and destination can not be considered to Empress Wu began justifiably to participate in decisions of the conduct of public affairs. 664 years, the Emperor of Wu Zetian dissatisfaction, waste Shangguan Yi plan the Empress Wu preemptive, control of the Emperor, the execution of Shangguan Yi, mastered from the real power.
the rest may be blocking the Empress Wu climbed the political arena pinnacle only her several growing sons. The eldest son of Li Hong Zeng as the crown prince, and on behalf of the parent administering the age of 33 have died, when people legend Empress Wu poisoned. Second son of Li Xian Following established after Empress Wu dissatisfaction is waste, the third sub Linning Following established. Gojong died, 683 Linning throne were due to a joke, but soon Wu Zetian of the waste. The fourth son of Empress Wu Li as Lee once puppet own Powerbut said the system would be all powerful.
684 years, Xu Jingye revolted in the name of Yangzhou to Kuangfu Tang, quickly suppressed, while PEI Yan minister of state took the opportunity to blackmail Li Dan, Wu Zetian normalized political killed. Subsequently, Empress Wu is to wipe out the opposition toward the inside and outside the Daxing informant of the wind, and appointed Chongyuan Li, Zhou Xing, to Junchen cruel officials extorting confessions by torture, the next 15 years, Minister Lee imperial clan, including treason charges kill countless officialdom incident became the terrorist world. The Empress Wu cleared the opposition fully prepared, 690 officially boarded the throne, instead of Tang weeks.
Wu Zetian in power era, the impact of the largest initiatives is the reform of the imperial examination system and the talent for hidden. Empress Wu's first in the imperial examination system, the successful candidates, the bootstrap, Wu held and Controls Branch. Successful candidates, that is, by the emperor personally written test by (called Gongshi) interview the Empress Wu will not only focus on scholarship, but also pay attention to the appearance eloquence. Wu cited include riding and shooting, carbine, weightlifting, etc., by those hired by the Ministry of War, these two things have a profound impact on the Chinese imperial examination system. Bootstrap that volunteered application official, this is an era of Empress Wu unique. Controls Branch the emperor opened under temporary needs examination the nominal also may be needed, as virtuous Founder Branch, erudite macro word Branch. outside
addition to the imperial examination system, Wu Zetian also solicited through a variety of other approaches talents repeatedly urged officials at all levels to recommend talent even send pacify so that around patrolling in order to recruit. Enthusiastic for hidden talent, Wu Zetian indeed rare in the history of China. These measures have also been the effect of Di Renjie, Weiyuan Zhong, Zhang Cambodia of all the time Ming Chen, Yao Chong, Song? Compared with Century, Kaiyuan Spirit's talent base is the Wu Zetian period laid.
In addition, Wu Zetian of the Tang also contributes to the prosperity of Poetry. To her love of literature, not only wrote a poem, also created some of the Chinese characters, such as her name?? Rdquo;. She actively advocated Banquet poetry should be prepared to write poetry very popular, poems and couplets become a shortcut to get fame. In the era of Empress Wu, Tang begun to enter the boom, format, content matures.
as one who experienced the civil life of the emperor, Empress Wu is also more emphasis on the construction of farmland water conservancy. During her reign, inventory illegal accounting fields, plundered implicit households, irrigation, asked the "heavy Nongsang, thin Fu compulsory service" advocates, also presided over the compilation of an agricultural book "Mega Man in this industry. Her to exercise administrative control period, the account number to increase from 3.8 million to 6.15 million. (Lsjt.net)
Empress Wu later life that "dissolute", but she ultimately decided to "face first" and give greatnesses with, because she was close to a group headed to Changzong, Zhang Yi pass bit to the pro-son, Vu Thi family, is considered to be the right move, because the "people Sitang was only Tang descendant re Teng pole in order to convince the people. 705 years, Cambodia's Minister coup, killing Zhang brothers crowned Prince Li Xian, Wu Zetian sent deathbed limbo. That same year, the 82-year-old Wu Zetian in the deserted passed away. evaluation
historians Empress Wu differences big changes fast emperors rare. Wu Zetian by the accused mainly in Daxing informant of the wind, the appointment of the cruel officials, the killing of innocent, the indiscriminate closure officials, as well as life promiscuous. Actually Wu Zetian both a villain, but also with a gentleman, the villain helped her to seize power, the gentleman to help her country. Although she once turbulent political elites, but remained stable development of socio-economic, her time of unprecedented change in the situation of two thousand years of feudal history, only to encounter a number of short-term resistance. Overall, her ruling on the Order of the Golden Years, under Kai Kaiyuan Spirit evaluation is appropriate. Because of her success in the political contribution in maintaining the Tang Dynasty, flourishing in the imperial examination system, etc., she was included in the rankings, ranking 93. the
Reviews: Wu Zetian killings of officials and enthusiasm in personnel selection forming a sharp contrast, in fact, both serve the same purpose, that is, to consolidate her rule. The killing of the officials, so that a sense of insecurity, no one dares to challenge the legitimacy of her ruling; while a large number of talented people respect her ruling that the legitimacy of the new groups may form a reserve of talent for the future of peace and prosperity, This is the genius of Wu Zetian.

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