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December 16.1864-Patriots Qiu Feng Chia born

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Patriots Qiu Feng Chia was born in December 16, 1864 (JiaZi winter month and 18).

Patriots Qiu Feng Chia born
Qiu Fengjia (December 16, 1864 -1912 years), word Xiangen, Chung-shut, also known positions sea, was born in Taiwan, Miaoli County, after he moved to Changhua County. Southward migration of their ancestors belonged to the central passenger family lines, the middle of the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong, his great-grandfather Qiu Shijun Guangdong town level (today the Jiaoling) text Fook very calm village moved to Taiwan, in Taiwan, the Middle East situation in reclamation. Qiu Fengjia naturally intelligent, 14-year-old obtain scholar, lifts in the 25-year-old, 26-year-old principal of Scholars, Professor and Industry officials do not want to leave to return to Taiwan to begin teaching career. .
1895, the Qing government's defeat in the Sino-Japanese war and Japan signed the humiliating Treaty of Shimonoseki, Taiwan and the Penghu Islands ceded to Japan. News, island-wide panic. Qiu Fengjia angrily called Taiwan the squire bite refers in blood, joint electric outs Qing government protest peoples oath refuses to accept Japanese "has memorial four showing indignation and determination in blood five require a denunciation of the War of Resistance Against Japan, to defend the homeland. But the Qing court call back "Taiwan anti-Beijing crisis and Jizhao garrison at an early date to withdraw, sent a special trip to south delivery Taiwan. (Lssjt.cn)
Qing government to abandon the station and crossing refused Islanders within the people of Taiwan "ownerless follow" and "no one is willing to aid" the impressive foe critical case, grief the extremely ordinary scholar Qiu Fengjia ago that established the Qing Dynasty as Zhengshuo "Republic of Taiwan", Taiwan gentleman and people with self-defending Taiwan against Japanese aggression, safeguard national dignity and the reunification of the motherland, territorial integrity. His run to the house owned organizations and led tens of thousands of anti-Japanese protect Taiwan Yijun, Hengdao the the Prancing Horse and the Japanese invaders a bloody battle to the home and abroad to discuss the date of call to arms, the Declaration: "everyone killed in the loss of the station, and unwilling to hand over and let the station. "Filling the vow to do conquered people lofty patriotism and heroic integrity. The fierce fighting of the heroic people of Taiwan has been arduous, playing the size of a hundred battles, the Japanese killed or injured 30,000 more than two thousand, which invaded the stage the Japanese leader Guards division commanders, Lieutenant General North to Prince Yoshihisa Nakagawa and the second brigade long, Army Major General Yamane Prudential killed in the war. Due to the disparity between enemy forces, isolated, anti-Japanese soldiers and civilians from exhaustion, severe casualties, the magnificent struggle subsequently failed to defend Taiwan. By the Ministry of the persuade, Qiu Fengjia had bottomless pit within the transition back to the native of Guangdong Zhenping County Man Fuk Danding village. After Singapore, the allegation that the text assessment, saying: Chi although not remuneration righteous sonic booms in the world, names section has been worthy of eternal. Return to the mainland, while promoting education, Qiu Fengjia actively engaged in the reform movement and the democratic revolution, former Government Minister of Education of the Republic of China, Guangdong Province, the military, Nanjing to participate in the build temporary central government was elected Senator.
after Qiu Fengjia back to the mainland has been obsessed with the homeland of Taiwan, to seek the reunification of the motherland. His deathbed lay dying, asked his family: "funeral to be to the south, I did not forget to Taiwan!" Really emotional, tragic and moving. the
Qiu Fengjia came from that pain ethnic, national scourge heavy and Qing government corruption and incompetence of the official position after a 26-year-old comprehensive examinations Scholars back to Taiwan, that "specifically intended to raise Guests lecture, or for civil the generous attempts Xing pen, anti meaningful & rdquo ;, embarked on the road of the National Salvation of Education. Defend Taiwan against Japanese aggression fails, he is vital to appreciate the Chinese crisis day forced, non-taping raising talents, monensin save the national crisis. Old including "
Qiu Fengjia deeply posts learn Pi practical that" College old system, the new knowledge instill some endless, advocates reform of the old educational system, promoting the new school designed a new way of thinking and useful science lesson with disabilities "training" and rejuvenating useful talents ". He completely broken focus only on the old-style College Classics mode, select and set the course and practical, advocated the "physical and moral" three-round development of education simultaneously. "To the Church, if any, alcoholism, alcohol abuse, and not from the canons of that line dismissal. "Visible The Originator of very great importance to the student conduct. Intellectual aspects of the introduction of Western learning, in addition to the features classics, history the extracurricular, additional mathematics, Gezhi (physical), chemical, physiological health, foreign languages ​​(Japanese, English) courses. In addition, his focus on sports, opened a the "soldier gymnastics course, in order to enhance the physical fitness of students. Qiu Fengjia vigorously to reform the teaching methods, except Chinese instructors also hired some British, Japanese scholars and returned students to teachers. Requires teachers individualized, advocates of open teaching, advocating academic contention. Encourage student self-study, to think, good question, to have all the different propositions ", handling read newspapers, concerned about the affairs. The ferry back to the mainland (lssdjt.cn)
Qiu Fengjia worked in Chaozhou Han Shan College College Chaoyang Dongshan, Chenghai King of Han's College of any speaker, Shantou officially founded in the spring of 1901 the Yeongdong with Hall of Literature, the first Guangdong a new school. In the summer of 1904, Qiu Fengjia Jiaoling county Guiling College founded specifically to train primary school teachers Jhenping primary 'school would Reform Office in 1906 as established in Zhenping County School (now Jiaoling Secondary predecessor), is of the earliest established Teachers one. The winter of 1904 in Jiaoling the Higashiyama (county east of the city), the Yuanshan (Man Fuk White Village) founder highest trillion school one (Gen. the trillion in Man Fuk settle Qiu second-generation ancestor). Through self-management, he encouraged others to do, sent able disciples to around activities in the form, "to persuade schools to number in the hundreds." Qiu Fengjia committed to do new science has made significant achievements, Guangdong Province and the country prestigious educator. He was Governor of Guangdong and Guangxi hired as the Office of Student Affairs Inspectorate, educators colleagues generally acclaimed as the the Guangdong General Education President. "In its schools is more than ten years, cultivate talent up to. Guangdong revolutionaries, mostly out of the sects. Yao Yuping (Pingyuan people) "later Guangdong Crusade Commander-in-Chief, the military government in Guangdong Senate Zhu Zhixin, Sun Yat-sen University Chancellor Zou Lu (Tai Po), etc. taught by Qiu Fengjia founder of the school, were to become the backbone of the revolution. Qiu Fengjia implementation of the new school has effectively promoted the development of Guangdong and even the National Education. (L $ djτ.ōrɡ)
the Qiu Fengjia 6-year-old can poetry, 7-year-old Wen, 14 years of age Fujian governor and chief to learn Taiwanese hailed DingRiChang, the Dongning wit "(Dongning Taiwan alias) from The poetic names earthquake. Mainly poetry have the "Bo Zhuang Shicao" and "Ridge Yunhai day House of Poetry comes before within the crossing before the works later made within crossing. Male Mai agitation, tragic Hearty its artistic style. the
made from Taiwan within the transition after more than 1700 poems to worry when you save the world as the most prominent and distinctive content reflects The Originator of "re-opened poetry Shi Zuoxiong talk" creative features. Or express the desire to regain the lofty aspiration to achieve the reunification of the motherland, or point out problems, explore social root cause, or appeal innovative self-help, good governance, and so on. Quite Fangzi in form, not metrical the arrest, language, mature, smooth, good other than to vocabulary, dialect slang, new terms, new concepts, new knowledge into poetry reflects the relationship of social change and the nature of language change. His poems exhibit a unique sense of innovation, "shock moment. Liang Qichao of the Qiu Fengjia and Huang Zunxian to and known as "Poetry Revolution giant. Liu Yazi President commented: "stream" Poems Quatrain competition yellow incommensurate, the end of the British Gas lost positions Haijun. Most of scholars that fully Modern Poetry Revolution "performance, poetry even Feng's The Originator of.
Comments: Japanese hero, patriotic poet!

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