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December 16.1993-The death of former Japanese Prime Minister Tanaka

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December 16, 1993 (癸酉 the winter in early), the death of former Japanese Prime Minister Tanaka.

The death of former Japanese Prime Minister Tanaka
The death of former Japanese Prime Minister Tanaka
The death of former Japanese Prime Minister Tanaka
death of former Japanese Prime Minister Tanaka "target =" _blank "> Kakuei
1993 12 16 04, the Chinese people are familiar with the former Japanese Prime Minister Tanaka Kok Wing died of illness, aged 75 years old.
Kakuei is a courageous, bold, courageous politicians in 1972, his visit to China as prime minister, to achieve the normalization of diplomatic relations , the end of the normal state of Sino-Japanese relations in the post-war decades.
Kakuei 1974, he stepped down on suspicion of the Lockheed case in 1976, he announced the exit of the Liberal Democratic Party in 1990 Kakuei retire from politicians. Wing in May 1918, was born in new Chiku County Kariya Yu County of a poor farmers' families in 1947 Japan's implementation of post-war new Constitution of the total election, 29-year-old Tanaka was recommended to participate in the Democratic Party (in 1955 the Liberal Party and the Democratic Party merged composed of the Liberal Democratic Party ) the Niigata county Representatives elections, and for the first time elected as members of the House of Representatives, as the Committee and the governing of the House of Representatives building and active in political circles.
Tanaka 4 years in any of the Director-General of the Liberal Democratic Party, greatly cultivate their own forces in 1972 Eisaku Sato as to hand over political power, he and Fukuda Takeo husband competitive LDP president and prime minister's post. his joint Ohira faction, three wooden faction, to Fukuda expand the offensive. result a majority of six votes of defeating Fukuda came to power, Japanese political history of a college-educated prime minister, Japan claims that he is the the "plebeian prime minister". His election is a time to become one of the big news of the Japanese government and people talk.
diplomatic , Tanaka hit a the annals feat - restoration of Sino-Japanese friendly relations 30 years after the war, the Sino-Japanese relations have been in an abnormal state, served as Prime Minister Tanaka in 1972, the determination of this breakthrough, his force against the consensus, overcome hurdles, and decided to visit China in September 1972, issued a joint statement with China to achieve the normalization of Sino-Japanese diplomatic normalization of Sino-Japanese diplomatic relations, not only to Japan in the diplomatic arena infighting with the United States's first times to fight the battle of initiative, but also laid the foundation for the stability of Asia.
However, if the "Politics is the highest moral" coordinate measure, Tanaka stumbled from the peak. in order to hold on to power, Tanaka number is power "Since then, Japan's politics has become downright cliques, the number of people who, who is president of the Liberal Democratic Party, the only way these chieftains pull people is money due Tanaka led by politicians who stop at nothing to get money, big business in Japan also brazenly Daxing bribery of wind. the Kakuei-political method can only be short-lived, less than two years, he for money scandal forced to resign 28,
1972 Premier Zhou Enlai and the then Japanese Prime Minister Tanaka in Beijing meet

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