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December 17.1891-Hu Shi was born

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In (the Xin Mao winter on 17), December 17, 1891, Hu Shi was born.

1891, on cn] Hu Shi was born. (Lsjt.org)
Hu Shi (1891.12.17 ---- 1962.2.24) formerly known Huot? Hong Maxin, heir? Greek word??, To participate in the Boxer Indemnity America examinations later renamed fitness, the fitness of the word, the scientific name Hung?, the pen name days wind possession Hui. Jixi, Anhui. His hometown on the Village of Jixi, Anhui. Famous modern scholars, poets, historians, writers and philosophers. Hu Shi advocated literary revolution to become one of the leaders of the New Culture Movement. A wide range of interests, as a scholar, he has conducted research in many fields such as literature, philosophy, history, textual criticism, pedagogy, ethics, Redology.

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