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December 17.1902-The official opening of the Imperial University

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December 17, 1902 (Renyin the winter months and 18), the Imperial University officially opened.

The official opening of the Imperial University
The official opening of the Imperial University
Imperial University, some teachers and students photo
1902 12 17, the opening ceremony held at the Imperial University. Imperial University the Hundred Days Reform in 1898, Emperor Guangxu of the earliest organized by the National University campus in Beijing's Tiananmen Square to Ma Temple. The board of civil chancery Sun Jia Nai tube science minister, the management of school affairs. Start-up funding for year round use of funds set aside by the Ministry of chips. The original design of the official bookstore and a new set of translation bookstores are merged into a big school. Big School school policy of "Western"; purpose is "wide talent education, emphasis on signs of the times"; course ordinary school and special courses in two categories. Closed down due to the Eight-Power Allied Forces occupied Beijing in August 1900. The new campus after school, additional preparatory school (Administrative Division, Arts Section) and crash Division (Shi Science Museum, Normal Hall). 18, Imperial University in Beijing Beiheyan, purchase premises an establishment of the Museum of the Imperial University Translation Studies, points A, B, C, D, amyl five, to learn English, Russian, French, German, Japanese foreign language text-based. 5-year study period, in addition to learning foreign languages, Chief Xi ordinary school, after two years part-Xi legal negotiations specialized school. Students after graduation to the background. Imperial University, the predecessor of Peking University.
Imperial University football team

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