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December 17.1940-The film artist Shen Xi Ling died

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December 17, 1940 (Dragon in the winter of April 19), film artist Shen Xi Ling died.

The film artist Shen Xi Ling died
The film artist Shen Xi Ling died
The film artist Shen Xi Ling died
Shen Xi Ling In December 1940, the famous film artists, dramatists Shen West Ling died in Chongqing.
Shen Xi Ling, formerly known as Xue Cheng, pen name Ye Shen. Born in 1904. Zhejiang Deqing person. Early years went to study in Japan, the Tokyo Fine Arts School to study painting. Murayama known the righteousness, Akita rain birds dramatist very close. 1924 in Japan Tsukiji Little Theater of any internship art teacher. After returning home in 1928 to participate in the Creation Society, and taught at the Shanghai Art University and the Chinese University of the Arts. The winter of 1929 Shanghai Art Drama Society, Xia Yan, Feng Naichao organizations engaged in left-wing theater movement. Xu Xingzhi organizations era art club in February 1930, to promote the left-wing and Crafts Movement. In March of the same year to participate in the Left-Wing Writers Union, is one of the sponsors.
1931 into the the Shanghai Tianyi movie company of any art teacher. Founded in July 1932 left-wing film theoretical journal of film art. Into Star Pictures in 1933, has directed the "cry of women", "24 hours", "Nostalgia" and other films. April 1937 the choreographer movie "Crossroads" and directed "Wu" dream life "drama. He joined the Lianhua Film Company. Elected in January 1938 for the Chinese the National film industry against the enemy Association. In the same year into the the cinematography field any director. September 1939 directing movie "the sons and daughters of the Chinese nation". 1937
"Crossroads" Choreographer: Shen Xi Ling Starring: the Poplar Zhao Dan
boatman female director: Shen Xi Ling

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