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January 23.1828-Japan Saigo Takamori was born

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Twelfth lunar month, the seventh day (Chinese New Year), January 23, 1828 Japanese Xixianglongsheng born.

Japan Saigo Takamori was born
Japan Saigo Takamori was born
Japan Saigo Takamori was born
Saigo Takamori (1828 -1877 years) late Edo period in Japan (Bakumatsu) active politician, and Kido Takayoshi (Gui kogoro), Okubo Toshimichi and said "Restoration sanjie. Born January 23, 1827 in Satsuma (now Kagoshima Prefecture). Under strict samurai training at an early age. 1858 the Shogunate Xing'an NCCU prison, was twice exiled, the 1864 recall Phan, the real power of the army and navy in the Kyoto master the Phan. The same year to participate in the crusade for the first time of the the repression Zunwangrangyi faction Choshu war. After is expected the Shogunate to perish, then an active part in the back screen movement. In Kyoto in March 1866 with Choshu down the screen to send the leaders Kido et al concluded Sa long inverted curtain Union secret treaty. January 3, 1868, and the Iwakura depending (1825 to 1883), Okubo Toshimichi launch of the Restoration coup to overthrow the rule of the Tokugawa shogunate and the establishment of the new Meiji government. In the same year the Boshin War, any the the big Governor General Staff Command to discuss the curtain coalition forces, made the victory of the war. Tokyo became the Meiji government Senate in 1871. 1872 Marshall became Marshal Chief Guard captaincy. Advocating and supporting aggression and expansion. 1 September 1877, the old Satsuma Nobles push as leader, launched anti-government armed rebellion, known as the Southwest war. September 24 was defeated and died in Kagoshima City Mountain.

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