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February 1.1851-British author Mary Shelley's death

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February 1, 1851 (the first day of the first lunar month), Xinhai, the death of the British author Mary Shelley.

British author Mary Shelley's death
Mary Shelley
Mary Shelley (August 30, 1797 to 1851, February 1) famous British novelist, literary history because of its 1818 creation first science fiction novel "Frankenstein" (translated as "Frankenstein"), known as the science fiction the mother. She is the second wife of the famous British Romantic poet Shelley.
Mary Shelley was born in London. Her parents with a political celebrity: his mother is a well-known feminist, educator and the writer Mary 渥斯顿克雷 Ford, the father is a liberal, philosopher, believe in anarchism reporter and atheist dissidents William Godwin. In May 1814, she became acquainted with the young poet Percy Shelley, Percy was already married, was soon impressed by Mary extraordinary appearance, manners and intellect. Two months later, despite the multitude against to elope to leave the United Kingdom. Shelley's first wife committed suicide after the death in December 1816, they officially married. In 1818, her first and most important work, "Frankenstein" was published. Caused public opinion, especially in the scientific community widely debated. The novel later been adapted many times, the performance of a variety of art forms, and the silver screen, to become the blueprint for one of the earliest science fiction movie. Mary, as well as a work is "the last one" (1826).

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