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December 18.1882-Cai E was born

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On (Horse winter of early nine), December 18, 1882, Cai was born. the birth of

Cai E was born
Cai E was born
CaiE "target =" _blank "> CaiE
Cai E, formerly known as Gen Yin, word Songpa. Shaoyang, Hunan December 18, 1882 (the Qing dynasty on November ninth day of 2008 ) students admitted to Changsha School of Current Affairs in 1898, learning from Liang, Tan went to study in Japan in 1899. returning the following year with the Tang Caichang etc., to participate in the Independence Army revolted, the defeat to Japan again into the non-commissioned officers school while studying in Qing Yi "," Xin Min Cong Bao "published in 1904, returning to train new forces in Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangxi and other places. tune Yunnan in early 1911, co-thirty-sixth of the town of Ren Xinjun nineteenth Association statistics. Wuchang Uprising After the outbreak of the October 30, in Kunming, Yunnan military academy Office Li Genyuan Jubing response to the establishment of military government on November 1, Ren Yunnan captaincy and sent Tang Jiyao enter Guizhou succeeded by Don Guizhou captaincy in 1913 month the Yuan Shikai transferred to Beijing, Marshall became the Ministry compiled at the vice president post, but overcast plus monitoring in October 1915, the potential out of Beijing in Tianjin and Liang Qichao planning - Yuan is December back to Kunming organization National Protection Army Taoyuan declared Yunnan independent; Yuan Jun Sichuan Luzhou (now Lujiang County), Naxi start fighting. Yuan after the death of any of the Sichuan military governor and chief governor in September 1916, went to Japan for treatment, due to illness and passed away on November 8, the body back buried in Changsha Yuelu Mountain with the "Mr. Cai Songpo heritage set. served captaincy after
Yunnan uprising CaiE

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