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December 25.1930-Mao Zedong Red Army guerrilla tactics

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(Gengwu winter of early vi), December 25, 1930, Mao Zedong's guerrilla tactics of the Red Army. 25 Mao Zedong Red Army guerrilla tactics

1930 12 1930 12 25, the Red Army General Front Committee in the the Ningdu small cloth held Soviet Area soldiers and civilians and destroy the enemy swearing-in ceremony, with Mao Zedong as the General Assembly handwriting "the enemy advances, we retreat, the enemy camps, we harass, the enemy tires, we attack the enemy retreats, we pursue, where Cao Shengsuan guerrilla warfare; strode forward and backward, to lure the enemy in depth, concentration of forces, all broken people and destroy the enemy in warfare couplet, and is subject to the couplet made to mobilize the report, explained his guerrilla tactics against "encirclement" thinking. Previously, Fang Zhimin and summarizes the experience of the the northeastern Jiangxi Red Army guerrilla warfare, the doctrine of the Red Army had summed up as "surprise, unexpectedly; diversion to avoid the strike is true; Da Buda operation is to concentrate superior forces to lure the enemy depth; Zhakou child, lie in ambush, the cut grain Road, a tonic; able to eat, eat, eat and run.

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