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December 26.1968-Xun Huisheng the death of one of the four most famous

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December 26, 1968 (of Shigenobu years winter and early seven), one of the four most famous Xun Huisheng's death.

Xun Huisheng the death of one of the four most famous
Xun Huisheng in the opera "Yutangchun"
Xun Huisheng famous opera artist par with Mei Lanfang, of Cheng Yanqiu and Shang Xiaoyun, actresses art since the 20th century nexus One of the representatives. His artistic self-style, unique, widely circulated, swept the north and south, occupies an important position in the history of the development of Chinese opera. December 26, 1968, Xun Huisheng due to the persecution of the "Gang of Four" tragic death, aged 68 years.
Xun Huisheng, born in 1900, the original term. word Hui acoustic, No. fragrant stage name White Peony, later renamed Xun Huisheng. His childhood was poor, the 8-year-old with Gakugei Yishun and Bangzi classes performances. Into Beijing in 1910, and learn from famous Clapper actor, HOU Jun Shan Huadan play. The following year into three the music social science classes, has worship Xuelan Fen Road Sambo, Norman Chan, Wang Yaoqing teacher, in terms of artistic innovation, get Wang Yaoqing help the most. He was king bell the same civilization theater pioneers co-star of the new drama "Family Revolution", "dollars", "niggers hate". 1918, Xun Huisheng 19 years old hi Kwan Social "the Hauni Off" co-star Mei Lanfang, Cheng Following the first from who specializes in opera, met with Yang Xiaolou, Yu Shuyan, Wang Fengqing cooperation. In 1919, he and Yang Xiaolou, Tan Xiaopei to Shanghai performances became famous. In the year 1919 alone, he staged plays there are as many as 68. This line in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Kerry and other southern cities in more than seven years before returning to Beijing, superb artistic skills, made four most famous artistic reputation.
Xun Huisheng life, total performance over 300 plays, from the 1920s to the 1940s, he has co-authored with playwright Chen Mo Hong, comfortable homes to Wing bell, finishing, adaptation through more than 100 script Lantern mystery "," Reproduction "," Wenjun, Du Shiniang "," Red House two in particular "," Tao Sanchun ". His foundation deep, wide play road, workers at the clapper familiar Kunqu change to sing opera, absorbing, Tsing Yi melting opera artistes, boudoir door once, Peking Opera Blues each station as well as niche, Takefu line of business of the skills to create characters; Tune aspects, conditions according to their own voice, he boldly absorb the beneficial factors of Kunqu, Clapper, Han Opera, Sichuan Opera and even a song, or even melt opera older students, niche, Lao Dan singing melody, to create a consistent character feelings, yet opera features new chamber. In traditional Beijing white rhyme white base to create a nearly spoken pronounced feelings of real, rich flavor of life, the yet rhythmic United States. His doing work at refining life, carrying forward the tradition, and the purview of traditional program shackles, thus a realistic figure action, but also focus on shaping the United States, it is free and easy vivid, graceful. He played the working women, sometimes starting from the characters live even strode footsteps. Xun Huisheng born poor, famous after always forget the sufferings of the working people, the charity has repeatedly held for Disaster Relief, relief peer. He left to posterity the rich artistic heritage, not only of Xun Huisheng theatrical Essay on account of his acting experience, "and he stopped working for many years," Diary ", there are hundreds of scripts and for the people loved the performing arts, Xun art features still something many descendant to inherit and carry forward.

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