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December 25.1998-Russia and Belarus signed the Declaration of the establishment of the Union State

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On (Tiger years winter and early seven), December 25, 1998, Russia and Belarus signed the Declaration on the establishment of Union countries. Reference December 1998, President Yeltsin and President Alexander Lukashenko signed the Declaration on the establishment of the Union State of Russia and Belarus.

same day, the two presidents issued a joint statement said the Russian the Bai Jianli Union countries Declaration is "a historic step towards the two brotherly countries in the unified road. The establishment of the National Union institutions and management agencies, and in the social and economic fields, foreign policy, defense and security of its grant broad powers, at the same time, the two countries is still a sovereign country and an equal member of the international community.
the provisions of the Declaration of the Russia-Belarus Union State, will establish a unified the alliance management agencies, the unified budget, unified mechanism of defense and national security, the implementation of a unified foreign policy in early 1999. Mid-1999, to establish a unified legal environment for business entities of the two countries, the establishment of a unified customs, uniform civil code and tax laws, establish a unified foreign exchange mechanism and a unified credit system. Habermas Liu Kefu, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian government, more specifically, the reference to the March 1999 "the Euro experience" achieve a unified currency. the
12, 25, 2009, the President of Russia and Belarus also signed two important documents: the Russian and Belarusian citizens have equal rights treaties and agreement creating equal conditions for business entities of the two countries. The basis of these two documents, the Union citizens enjoy the same into the league Authority the right to vote and stand for election, the two countries enjoy the same freedom to enjoy at any time to the rights of any school in the two countries.
Russian experts commented that, from an economic point of view, the two countries unified will bring many benefits: adjust the price of special agreements, to determine the price of transportation, communication, electricity, natural gas will be reached in February 1999. Russia, which means it is shipped to Europe transit costs will be greatly reduced; while the means to reduce the cost of electricity and natural gas from Russia to Belarus. The cost supply enterprises of both countries to each other will be significantly reduced. Russian experts said that the establishment of the challenges faced by the countries of the Union is also obvious. First, the macroeconomic data of the two countries should be leveled, such as the rate of inflation, accounting rate and per capita gross national GDP. Taking into account the different level of economic development between the two countries in recent years, to honor the above content will be very easy. Second, the single currency requires the establishment of a supranational currency center for supervision. Belarus currency is not linked with Western hard currency, but linked with rubles, which makes a strong currency may be an empty promise. Third, unified price difficult, far more than the freedom to form due to the Russian market price Belarus. Fourth, the establishment of a unified tax laws will be particularly difficult, due to Russia in 1999 will implement the new tax reform.

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