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December 20.1722-Emperor Kangxi Jiabeng

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December 20, 1722 (Renyin the winter months 13), the Kangxi Emperor Jiabeng.

Emperor Kangxi Jiabeng
Emperor Kangxi (1654 -1722 years on December 20, 2011), the reign of the emperors of the Qing dynasty (1661-1722) is the longest reigning emperor in Chinese history.
overseas, such as Western and other countries, thousands of years later, the Chinese fear by its tired. I foresee statement. ? Linyu years, every Han Chinese refractory, its not as one, therefore, the State Chengping falling advised to safety not forget crises; the celecoxib Qinxing earth and rock of the workers, the construction of the Great Wall. Toward mercy in Khalkha make preparedness Shuofang more robust compared to the Great Wall; previous generation of the Book of the river, all Scroll Pan theory is easy to implement the difficult - Kangxi
river no Qualitative governance River is not a law. Today rule the word of the river, Yuling descendants complied with, (L $ djτ.ЙЁT) off is not feasible - Kangxi refused River commandment to say
Emperor Kangxi compiled into a book, the name Aixinjueluo Xuan Ye Qing patriarchs, bearing the name, Kangxi reign called habit. He is after the entry of the second generation of the Qing Dynasty emperor, created the Kangxi and Qianlong, as well as in the maintenance of China's territorial integrity as to become one of China's most admired emperors. Give thanks to contemporary film and television media, he also became a household name in China in the name of the emperor. (Today in History TodayOnHistory.com) in

Kangxi eight virtual age practice oak when its predecessors left him a huge and perilous country, loyalty to the Qing Dynasty, has not yet formed habits, consideration must be paid to the minority rule of the majority nation, has emerged to be revealed; internally in the court, the era of "strongman politics" is not yet over, Oboi such as Minister of autocratic, has formed a huge threat to the imperial power. This era, is calling for the emergence of a political giant, to create a stable political order. Kangxi to his Wenzhiwugong future proof, he assume the responsibilities and obligations of the role. in
in the early years of Emperor Kangxi of the growth, after his grandmother Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang play a big role in the checks and balances of the various forces, efforts the Kangxi reign to create a good environment. But when the Kangxi in start Chikamasa in 1667 when found the imperious Guming Minister Oboi, has become the biggest obstacle to dry dictatorial. Two years later, the Kangxi design clean sweep will Oboi and his followers from arrogate all powers, which is the starting point for the success of the Kangxi life.
its South San Francisco "has become a big worry of the court. "San Francisco" tetrarch three Military Governors in the South, both the Ming Dynasty, surrendered to the Qing generals contribute significantly to conquer the world in "San Francisco", led by Wu Sangui, hold the heavily gradually become the separatist forces of the potential. Kangxi ordered in 1673 under the "also anti-cut, not cut anti-" judgment cut fan. Wu Sangui rebellion, now the name of recovery under the banner of the Han Chinese world, once the battle the fire and the southern half of the country. The Kangxi preliminary display in this war the military leadership, strategizing, decisive wit successful instigation Fu-Chen Wang, et al, spent eight years finally rebellion Pingding continue. The victory of the potential
Then, Kangxi multiplied to send the Shi Lang rate water army across the Taiwan Strait, Gongmie Taiwan Cheng regime. This is the ancient Chinese classic cross-sea combat battle to clear the the last Ming residual force. Taiwan's role as a "barrier in several provinces of the southeast," also from the attention of the central regime.
in the Chinese civil war, the Russians are strongholds along the Siberian step-by-step eastward, occupied the the Qing Dynasty the Longxing land - Heilongjiang River Basin, northern China first became a threat. Pacification of the chaos of San Francisco, the Kangxi put eyes here. In 1685, dispatch the Heilongjiang General Saab and other factors in the the copper gun with divinity invincible generals "Jaxa battle victory. Kangxi accept the envoys of the summation of Tsarist Russia, Nerchinsk Peace subsequently signed a delimitation of the eastern border between the two countries, after a century and a half, the two countries have remained peaceful.
but the threat of the north side of the addition to the emerging Czarist Russia, as well as the old Mongolian separatist forces. Mongolia was divided into, Monan Mongolian desert West (Lute) Mongolia, Mongolian (Khalkha), Mobei Monan Mongolia has allegiance to the Qing dynasty, the desert West, Mobei Mongolia remained a semi-independent state. Kangxi step-by-step to the unification of China Mainland, the ancient desert Simon the A Lawrence - Galdan, also is a step by step united the Mongol tribes. Galdan has many other elements to become a Nurhachu hero, but he was not lucky, comes up against Kangxi, under the leadership of the central flourishing dynasty. Once was advancing in 1690 to only more than 700 miles away from Beijing, but was finally defeated in ulamba through a war in the hands of the Kangxi. In 1691, Kangxi convened Mongolian tribes kings and chaired the "Duolun AU will" to strengthen Manmeng Union, directly isolated Galdan, but Mongolian Since then able to share a cup in the interests of the reign of the Qing Dynasty share. Since then, Kangxi three foreign crusades Galdan, eventually forcing Galdan die dead end. Qing rule in northern China a long border line from well established. (Lsjt.net)
Galdan nephew policies jump Allah butan re-gathered the remnants into Tibet in 1717. Kangxi in the last battle of his life, also won cleanly, 1720 sent troops into Tibet, expulsion policies jump to Allah butan stable suzerainty over Tibet.
in the series of wars at the same time, Kangxi through the right domestic policies, so that the social economy of the whole country out of years of war, the Holocaust, and embarked on the road of healthy development. More emphasis on people's livelihood, Chikamasa soon, it abolished the the Manchu nobility "enclosure" maladministration. Six southern tour to inspect the water conservancy project, and Shuji Yongding River river. Praiseworthy, during his reign has repeatedly nationwide tax relief in the 1712 treasury was full, the provisions of the "Golden Age breeding population, never add Fu", that is, based on the existing population, after increasing The population is no further increase in the poll tax, and move, and its successor, the Yongzheng practiced Tan Ding Ru Mu "played a role in fueling China's population soared.
Kangxi during the reign of King James Law of Qing, a wholly entry as many criminal cases, are described as set the Chinese dynasties law the Guinness. In the imperial examination system, in addition to the conventional Stereotyped were admitted, Kangxi additional Learned Scholars exam and recommend a combination of ways to recruit talent. Level San Francisco during the chaos, in order to increase State revenues, promulgated Subscription System, where the children of landed gentry, provided they pay a certain "donate money", lower and so the office can get donated satisfied that the system continues to the end of the Qing Dynasty, a supplement to the imperial examination system.
Emperor Kangxi versatile addition proficient Confucianism also has a keen interest in mathematics, astronomy, geography, medicine, biology, engineering and technical knowledge enthusiastic to learn Western scholars. During his reign, organizational editing and publishing the "Kangxi", "Past and integrated calendar as the test into" the "mathematical Yun Jing," Kangxi Yong calendar method "," Kangxi Huang public opinion in full browse map ". His 61-year reign, thriving situation in the military, economic and cultural aspects of history called the "Kangxi governance", is the beginning of the Kangxi and Qianlong ". After
recover Taiwan, Kangxi once open Boycott, but his later years, and the reintroduction of the ban on maritime policy, embarked on the road of the closed-door policy. Qing Dynasty literary inquisition "began in the Kangxi era, but the most keen his grandson Qianlong Emperor Kangxi era battle of words not. In the twilight years of Emperor Kangxi, Heir indecisive, leading thinkers links courtiers vying for positions, the royal government was once chaos. These are the Kangxi few so that future generations criticize. Kangxi history
but should not be overestimated. First of all, the war is the pacification of San Francisco, or pacification of Galdan or war to regain Taiwan, Kangxi is the power of a country to deal with a local force, although the victory is also hard to come by, but did not change the pattern of macro history groups; Jaxa Battle defeated Tsarist Russia an adventurous nature, far from Tsarist Russia's main. Secondly, the Kangxi's domestic policy to promote the prosperity of the country, but his lack of policy innovation, basically follow the previous practice, the emergence of the "Kangxi governance", which he dynasty emperor favorable position, with the nature of the development of post-war recovery. And, Kangxi I love mathematics, natural sciences, Western technology, but did not the enthusiasm to promote the country, making China lose the opportunity of a large-scale acceptance of Western civilization. emperors
Overall, Kangxi was a success, but not a change in the character of the historical development trend. His history might be slightly inferior to his fame. He ranks 36th in the ranking of 100 emperors. the
Review: Manchu Eight Banners soldiers of 12 million people, conquered the Ming empire with billions of people. After the creation of the history of a rare miracle, the rulers of the early Qing Dynasty into a huge sense of crisis. Established the Qing Dynasty in the basis of the legitimacy of the whole of China, is the core task of the ruling by the Emperor Kangxi. Kangxi's genius is in his Qing regime both Confucian culture and the identity of the Han Chinese intellectuals, maintaining the characteristics of a full warrior and a pioneering spirit. (L $ djτ.cōm)

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