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December 25.1876-Pakistan's "Dr. Sun Yat-sen" Jinnah was born

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December 25, 1876 (Rat-year winter and early 10), Jinnah, Pakistan "Sun Yat-sen" was born. Jinnah was born

1876 12 25 Pakistan the "father of the birth of Jinnah" target = "_blank">
in 1876 12, 25, 2009, Jinnah was born in Karachi, the family of a businessman eighteen-year-old qualified as a solicitor in the UK two years later, he returned to India, soon became Mumbai region quite prestigious lawyer in 1896, he began to engage in political activities, to participate in the Indian country large party in 1913 joined the All India Muslim League in 1921 because of political differences with the Congress Party break late 1930s to the early forties, the Indian national liberation movement has been a new upsurge. Meanwhile, due to the differences in history, religion, language and culture, the Muslim nation of ninety million called for the establishment of an independent state has also increased. Jinnah actively involved in this struggle under the leadership of his organization, the All India Muslim League became Indian Muslims, the most influential political organization. March 22, 1940, 23 and 24 under the auspices of All India Muslim League, Jinnah, in Lahore meeting, through the historic " Pakistan resolution ". March 23 the same year, Jinnah announced the rally of hundreds of thousands of Muslims from all over India," in the northwest and east of India (now Bangladesh) two Muslim ethnic majority areas should be set up to have an independent, sovereign state. "Later, this day became Pakistan's National Day.
order to establish Pakistan, the All India Muslim League led by Jinnah on the one hand, and the attempt to continue to maintain its rule colonialist struggle, on the other hand also resolve some disputes between the two great nations of India and Muslim, to eliminate some disagreement within the Muslim family is very complicated and arduous task when Jinnah regardless of the old and infirm traveled throughout India, mobilize and organize the Muslim masses., as Jinnah said: "there is no force in the world to prevent the establishment of Pakistan." under the blow of the national liberation movement in India and the Muslim, the British colonial finally the collapse of the rule of August 14, 1947, Pakistan declared independence (in history today. cn) served as the first president of Pakistan Jinnah. September 11, 1948, the real satisfied because sick from overwork died.
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