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December 25.1915-Movement began to protect the country

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December 25, 1915 (YiMao winter of April 19), the movement began to protect the country.

Movement began to protect the country
Yunnan National Protection Army generals photo
1915 12 25, the former Yunnan captaincy CaiE energized provinces declared Yunnan independent organization National Protection Army crusade against Yuan Shikai. The movement began to protect the country and the anti-Yuan emperor. First Army Commander-in-Chief of the following year, the National Protection Army CaiE into Sichuan, as the main force; Second Army Commander-in-Chief Li Lieh-chun enter Guangdong and Guangxi; serve as commander-in-chief of the Third Army from Yunnan captaincy Tang Jiyao sits Yunnan. Yuan is the struggle in the majority of the people support, losing to win, Guizhou, Guangxi, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Hunan and other provinces have been declared independence. Imperialism due to changes in the situation, blame the the Yuan "line breaks monarchy"; the northern warlords the bureaucratic see no hope of restoration of the monarchy, also competing divorced. Yuan under internal and external pressure forced on March 22, 1916 to undo the monarchy, the abolition of Hongxian reign ", he still claimed the presidency. April 18, Tang Jiyao declaration requirement eliminates Yuan presidency. June 6, kleptocrats Yuan Shikai, died in the downturn, deserted. The Protectorate movement ended in victory.

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