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December 25.1935-The Chinese Communists convene Wayaobao meeting

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December 25, 1935 (seeing in the 30 winter months) the CPC convened Wayaobao meeting. ,

1935 12 25, 2009, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau held an enlarged meeting in northern Shaanxi Wayaobao, attended the meeting the Mao Zedong, Zhangwentian, Zhou Enlai, Bogut, Deng Fa, Kaifeng, Li Weihan, Zhang Hao, Yang Shangkun stockization dozen people. Discussed the necessity and possibility of the establishment of the anti-Japanese national united front, decided to take the anti-Japanese national united front strategy. The meeting criticized within the party long-term existence of the "Left" the dump closed doors errors and revolution acute Soviet workers and peasants of the Republic decided to renamed the Soviet of People's Republic of; change of the petty bourgeoisie, the intellectuals, the national bourgeoisie, rich peasants, the anti-Japanese KMT military officers as well as overseas Chinese policy: meeting adopted the "central task resolution on the current political situation and the party's". This meeting is a continuation of the Zunyi Meeting, marking a major shift of Chinese Communist Party's political line, and begin to reverse the the isolated situation caused by the long-term by the "Left" tendencies to Communist China. the
12 27, Mao Zedong under the Wayaobao spirit of the conference, the party activists meeting report "On the strategy against Japanese imperialism". The report analyzes the new changes in the internal class relations in China since the "September 18 Incident" and the North China Incident, pointed out: not only the requirements of the anti-Japanese workers, peasants, petty bourgeoisie, national bourgeoisie to participate in the anti-Japanese, even if its right-wing shaken and take a neutral attitude, is the landlord and comprador camp differentiation may also occur. The report pointed out that the counterrevolutionary force being greater than the revolutionary forces, the basic strategy of the party's policy is "to organize hundreds of thousands of people to mobilize a mighty revolutionary army, and established a wide range of anti-Japanese national united front.

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