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December 25.1954-Between Tibet and Qinghai-Tibet Highway opened to traffic

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(Jiawu the twelfth lunar month, the first day), December 25, 1954, between Tibet and Qinghai-Tibet Highway opened to traffic.

Between Tibet and Qinghai-Tibet Highway opened to traffic
Between Tibet and Qinghai-Tibet Highway opened to traffic
Qinghai-Tibet the Kozo highway opened to traffic
1954 12 25, Kozo highways open to traffic ribbon-cutting ceremony ten forty held in Lhasa River Bridge bridgehead, the Qinghai-Tibet highway ribbon-cutting ceremony at 11:00 am pm on the west side of the highway in the Potala Palace. after nine o'clock,
, wearing a yellow dress, the Tibetan local government officials, the name of the huge banners of various government agencies and organizations, team apparel bright men and women members of the public has arrived in the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the two roads. Wide on both sides of the road, with colorful bunting and wearing colored clothing crowd formed a long color ranks. People with unlimited excitement, waiting for the arrival of the motorcade. Predetermined cut the ribbon for the time in the people's desire to come. In the music and the sound of firecrackers, the PLA Tibet Military District Commander, General Zhang Guohua has shear off the cross between Tibet and Qinghai-Tibet highway two of colored silk, color motorcade slowly through the towering arch, open to the jubilant crowd. Car on the road is responsible cadres, the hero model who waved to each other and welcome the masses. Applause, cheers and singing sound into a firecrackers at the same time, the art team make-up dancing, people have floats the image of Chairman Mao and road construction is responsible cadres hero model presented hada and bouquets of white hada red bouquet and color confetti, car decoration colorful. Band of the three major monasteries Lama in Lhasa, the Tibetan youth dance team and of Tibetan Folk Theatre Arts people are performing their most exciting programs, to welcome the arrival of the car; dress up like a flower, like dozens of Tibetan children, climbed up the car bouquet dedicated to the the hero model are road construction. (? V history today?? Com)
twelve o'clock, the two teams in front of Potala Palace will station a fleet in people parking in front of Potala Palace surrounded entered tied for the sound of the gun salute went off everywhere field
Mao Zedong as the Qinghai-Tibet highway between Tibet and the opening of an inscription

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