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December 25.1977-Comedian Charlie Chaplin Rui Shike Corbusier's death

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December 25, 1977 (the Dimba the winter on 15), comedian Charlie Chaplin Rui Shike Corbusier's death.

Comedian Charlie Chaplin Rui Shike Corbusier's death
Comedian Charlie Chaplin Rui Shike Corbusier's death
Comedian Charlie Chaplin Rui Shike Corbusier's death
Comedian Charlie Chaplin Rui Shike Corbusier's death
Comedian Charlie Chaplin Rui Shike Corbusier's death
Comedian Charlie Chaplin Rui Shike Corbusier's death
Comedian Charlie Chaplin Rui Shike Corbusier's death
Comedian Charlie Chaplin Rui Shike Corbusier's death
Comedian Charlie Chaplin Rui Shike Corbusier's death
Chaplin in the Rui Shike Corbusier's death "target =" _blank "> Chaplin In 1977 December 25, 2010, comedian Charlie Chaplin in Ruishi Ke Corbusier's death < ; br> Charlie Chaplin is a well-known comedian in the world, is the star of the silent film era. tramp Charlotte's image he created a household name, he was good at shaping the little guy to satirize the realities of life through their encounter He in "The Gold Rush" a big success, he directed and starred in the "circus", "The Kid in mind", "Charlie Chaplin's" Modern Times "was staged in London" target = "_blank" > Modern Times "," The Great Dictator "and so on, his distinctive comedy referred to an unprecedented height, his comedy is not only amusing, and thought-provoking, and have a strong sense of reality, the profound connotation . His late "Monsieur Verdoux", "Limelight" is equally impressive. The versatile artist because of different political views, the persecution of McCarthyism in the United States, was forced to relocate to Switzerland, but he outstanding contribution to the film industry is obvious to all, (l $ djτ.ōrɡ) in 1971 by the United States four The 14th Annual Academy awarded honorary award is also a tribute to the maestro.
1889, 16, 2009, Charlie Chaplin was born in London of a slum. His parents are comedians, performances often funfair in London. Later, her parents divorced, his mother took him and four years older than his brother, life is very poor. The overworked mother contracted laryngitis, Chaplin was five years old, his mother in a concert, too weak voice, the audience coax under the stage. Steward had an idea, let Chaplin, instead of the mother performances, Chaplin intentional school mom singing with a hoarse voice, and I did not think the audience was greatly appreciated, and responded with warm applause. Chaplin first boarded the stage. the Chaplin under 10 years of age
in order to earn money to participate in the Lancashire Pat Tong Ling Theatre, along with other children, wearing clogs dancing, singing, often tired pale mother saw his increasingly emaciated, very distressed, let him leave the dance classes. the
lively good move Chaplin, has been yearning for when a real actor, he he joined a Chuangdangjianghu the troupe tour was also a time when a circus acrobat. In 1907, Chaplin finally London who specializes in funny pantomime Carnaud troupe hired, he trained hard, excellence, acrobatics, juggling, dance, buffoonery, laughable depression and people cry laugh subtly and naturally financial as one of the initially formed later that unique style of pantomime, over the past few years, Chaplin became a pillar of the the Carnaud troupe of France and the United States allowed to perform. end of
1913, the production company of Hollywood Kitts East fancy Chaplin, and he set a one-year contract, (lssdjt.cn) Chaplin shooting Kitts East 35 short films from racing mind ", (Lssdjt.com) Chaplin famous make-up - the dome cap, mustache pants, big shoes and civilized stick start to appear on screen. Chaplin had this explained 小胡 So vanity symbol; thin coat and mast pants are a series of ridiculous behavior and clumsy manners portrayal; cane it is not only a dude Mark, and you can use it hooked legs or shoulders of others, and to increase the comic effect.
Kitts East after the contract expires, (lsjt.org) Chaplin successively with the QSI resistant, Miao District, Seoul, company signed the contract, in 1918, (Lssdjt.com ) Chaplin by British, the American strikers revelation, shooting "A Dog's Life", describing sleep on the streets of stray Hanxiaerluo, everywhere humiliated tragedy of 1919, Chaplin and his friends Fairbanks, etc. United Artists in 1925, completed the blockbuster feature film "The Gold Rush", describing the United States in the late 19th century gold rush. "The Gold Rush" with the past and the meaning of Chaplin's artistic career is both a summary of his early works, but also laid the foundation for his later more mature work. Chaplin's creative career reached its peak in the the
30's to the 50's, he has created a "City Lights" (1931), "Modern Times" (1936), "The Dictator "(1940) and" Limelight "(1952) and other good works. "City Lights" and "Modern Times", he ruthlessly expose the suffering of the capitalist exploitation of workers and the working people; "The Great Dictator", he directed pointing to Hitler and Mussolini; stage career, he was a serious exploration of the life and performance of the hope for the future.
because he participated actively in progress and cultural activities in the United States by the persecution of McCarthyism. "Un-American Activities Committee" has messaging Chaplin; Chaplin during the trip to Europe, the U.S. judicial authorities declare refused to let him re-entry, the threat to detention, to this end, Chaplin 1957 shooting "a king in New York, be firmly repelled.
1966, 77-year-old Chaplin filmed the last film Countess from Hong Kong ". Since then along with his beloved wife Fiona in scenic Switzerland Weiwei dignity died until 1977.
Chaplin in his long artistic career, shot more than 80 films. His movements exaggerated and profound meaning, fun. He not only good at performing and competent director, screenwriter, but also composing music, playing a variety of musical instruments, most of his movies are scripted, directed, and starred in their composer, the command of their own. (L $ djτ.ЙЁT) No wonder George Bernard Shaw praised the film industry unique wit. Because of his tremendous achievements in 1962, Oxford University awarded him an honorary doctorate; 1971 the French government awarded him the Legion of Honor Senior sash; Even the United States, also had his persecution of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded in 1972 by His Honor Awards. (Lsjt.org)
Chaplin's success is not accidental. His diligent in thinking, and the courage to explore. His early life difficulties did read a few years, in order to make up for the lack of knowledge, he determined to self-study, the gap in performance, even in the dressing room against the clock I had to go. His art requirements are very stringent, never perfunctory. Some tramp in the filming of "City Lights" blind girl flowers tipped and picked up the drama, the show is only 75 seconds, [L $ djτ.ЙЁT] but Chaplin repeated five days by shooting . If a problem occurred in the filming, he paced back and forth in the dressing room, or wrestling in the background behind alone, until a satisfactory solution.
Chaplin humble origin, with deep love and sympathy of the lower classes. He has criticized Shakespeare's dramas are some nobility, declared: "I conceived comedy plot is very simple, it is the ordinary people in trouble and escape the predicament. "He works with a wide range of the People. Because of this, people are very respectful of the genius artist. The French called him, "We will never Ciarlo. Every time it returns in his native United Kingdom, Chaplin, a warm welcome by people. September 23, 1952, he in Lun Duisa volts according to hotel to stay the day, city-wide bus pass through the gate of the hotel, without exception, bright lights, to pay tribute to their "old Charlie" Today, Chaplin has left us, but he and his art will always remain in the people's heart. Charlie Chaplin, (lssdjt.cn)

"Limelight" Director: Charles Chaplin
, Chaplin later life - together with his wife, children
Premier Zhou Enlai met in Geneva Chaplin (1954)

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