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December 25.1978-Vietnam invaded Cambodia and the outbreak of war

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December 25, 1978 (of Wu Wu the winter months 26), the Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia and the outbreak of war.

1978 12 25, Vietnam to launch a war of aggression to its neighboring countries of Democratic Kampuchea. (Lsjt.org) In May 1975, after the liberation of South Vietnam and North-South reunification in July 1976, the of Le Duan Group's regional hegemony ambitions rapid expansion. June 4, 1975, Vietnamese troops forcibly occupied Cambodia Granville Island. From 1977 onwards, the more the Cambodia border repeatedly clashed event. September and December the same year, the newspaper twice invaded Cambodia. In June 1978, Vietnam joined Comecon. In early November, the "more Soviet Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation signed. Soviet military aid to Vietnam is increasing rapidly. the
12 25, Vietnam sent more than 10 divisions, more than 200,000 regular troops, 分兵 7, launched a large-scale armed invasion to Democratic Kampuchea. January 7, 1979, the occupation of Phnom Penh, and pieced together a pro-Vietnam regime led by Heng Samrin. Vietnam aggression by the international community, especially the ASEAN countries strongly condemned. (History today. Cn) General Assembly of the United Nations since 1979, every year adopted a resolution to Vietnam to unconditionally withdraw its troops from Cambodia, to restore peace in Cambodia, a neutral, non-aligned status. Cambodian people to resist. Was established in August 1979 Cambodia patriotism, democracy, national unity front. Established in October 1979 led by Son Sann's Khmer People's National Liberation Front. The leadership of Prince Sihanouk was established in March 1981 to fight for Cambodia's independence, neutrality, peace and cooperation of the United National Front. June 22, 1982, three-Fang Aiguo forces to form a coalition government of Cambodia, widely recognized by the international community and support. Vietnam quick fix occupation of Cambodia's bankruptcy plan.

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