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December 25.1983-The death of Spain's famous fantasy painter Miro

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December 25, 1983 (Guihai winter months 22), the death of Spain's famous fantasy painter Miro. just entering middle age

The death of Spain's famous fantasy painter Miro
The death of Spain's famous fantasy painter Miro
Miro strong creative desire, novelty and unique idea often produce the moment in his manner.
Joan Miro was born in Spain in 1893. His father was a gold jewelry artists, to accept ancestral property, opened a jewelry shop. Miro's mother was born in the family of joinery. (Lsjt.org)
perhaps due to the impact of the parents of the two families of traditional skills, process design, Miro childhood wanted to be an artist. But he was introverted, shy, reserved, and his parents do not think he will be very sterile. He was 14 years old, they sent him to the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona learning. However, Young Miro give the impression of the school faculty is "rare stupidity Mang. He later dropped out from the School of Fine Arts. For family responsibilities, Miro the age of 17, when on a business staff.
staff's career his depression is not music, plus work tired, the second year he is suffering from a serious illness. Father took him to the nearby rural town of Monte Loewe infirmary here, he may be overlooking the golden beaches, rugged off the rock, the hard rock quartet built farmhouse, olive groves and vineyards surround the village. Miro appreciate the the desolate mountain infinite charm and feel the charm of nature, flowers and charming. This period of convalescence life style of art, Miro, an early preparation.
body recovery, Miro returned to Barcelona, ​​his family agreed that he entered an art school. During the same period, Miro and elective courses Sant Luke arts organizations. Previous members of the group "New Art" architect Antoine Gotti outstanding architectural creativity, stimulate the enthusiasm of young students Miro, Miro's very far-reaching impact. In the arts groups, Miro became acquainted with the two young artists Jon Blaze Joseph Lauren 斯·阿,, on behalf of Rodriguez, his lifetime they maintain contact. This time, Miro began painting.
for an ambition painter, the Barcelona world is too small. Paris Art change, Miro produce a powerful allure. In 1919, he finally left home, came to the art capital of the world for the first time in Paris. Paris artists meta, art galleries and museums treasures like clouds. Miro is a poor and there is no famous young painter, his paintings in a foreign country can not be sold to him almost every day, starving in Paris. The first trip to Paris to give him the maximum harvest is to recognize a lot of the art world friends, especially from his motherland painter Picasso. Picasso bought him a self-portrait, this self-portrait has been treasured. [L $ djτ.cōm] After the introduction of Picasso, Miro became acquainted with many artists gathered here.
1925, (Lssdjt.com) Miro to participate in the first Surrealist exhibition held in the Pierre Gallery. After this, Miro works is known as fantasy painting. In October 1929, Miro Bira Zhan Kesha married. The wife is descended from an ancient family, the Millo life faithful to her. After marriage, they returned to Paris, to live in a small apartment. At that time, economic recession, the artists are very tight, to Miro only painting in the studio. Two years later, a painter 38 years of age, daughter Duo Luonuo born in Barcelona, ​​this is their only child.
Since 1930, Miro's works exhibited in New York and other cities on a regular basis, leaders as a surrealist, he has a great influence in the United States. On the world art world, his fame is only the second son of Picasso. Miro's extraordinary sensibility so that he can use symbolism to convey information, with natural artistic language, the way to transcend time and space to communicate with the audience. He vividly expresses mankind's most intense feelings of love, hatred, mistrust and fear. After the outbreak of the Second World War
, Miro can not return to his native Spain. He left Paris in Norway near Kovalam Jiwei Li is a poetic and charming place to live down. Where the scenery and free-flying birds infected his painter to complete a "constellation" group of paintings. The brutal bombing of the German Miro with his wife and daughter by train had to flee Paris, and Paris is facing the German occupation, the painter had fled to the hometown.
World War II is finally over, Miro end of the day of isolation, and came to New York in 1947. In the United States, he spent eight months returned to Paris from the United States in 1948. Back to Paris soon, it was held for the Miro works exhibition, but his works sell few. An art dealer, bought a number of works of Miro, and his wife was remorseful crying, saying, "Who will buy this stuff, we have to bankrupt. "She did not think that the years of Hou Miluo works prices skyrocket, growth of certain multiples. (Lssdjt.cn)
an inspiration in his life, the stars in the sky became endless changes in the eternal symbol, so some people he called "stars Prince. (Τōdāyōńhī $ τōry.cōm)
Miro, lust is the most natural, the most in line with the nature and reason of the phenomenon is the driving force of life. He is very fascinated by the charm of women can be said that most women have on the men and women living his lifelong explore. But in life, Miro nonstick sex, his life only loved two women: his wife and his daughter. , Miro, December 25, 1983 of a heart attack, never said goodbye to his beloved wife, than pull and daughter Duoluo Na, in order to commemorate this outstanding artist, arts and cultural sector in Europe in 1993 as & ldquo ; Miro years, held an unprecedented level exhibition and art activities. Masters underground know, will be a great comfort.
his later years, Miro like to own works before pacing.

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