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December 25.1989-The former Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu was executed

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December 25, 1989 (of Baba the winter months 28), former Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu was executed. In In 1989, December 25, 2010, the President of the Republic of Romania country Ceausescu special military court sentenced to death. 1

The former Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu was executed
1918 26, Nicolas Qi Aose library Born in the Oort County, Nova Niqie, will pedicle village. 1933 joined the Communist Youth League. Joined the Communist Party in 1936. Engaged in the struggle against fascism, and repeatedly arrested in jail. He was secretary of the Communist Youth League Central, Zhouweishuji, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Ministry of the Armed Forces, Vice Minister rank. In 1955, he was elected to the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, member of the Central Committee. March 24, 1965, he was elected as the first secretary of the Workers' Party. In July of the same year, the party was renamed the Communist Party, Fazio Seth Luo total for any general secretary. In 1974, he was appointed President of the Republic. During his tenure, the implementation of an independent policy, winning the trust. But one-sided pursuit of economic construction, high accumulation of the main high-speed development imbalance, not improve people's lives. Personal political autocrat, relatives also have access to high-level leadership. In December 1989, Romania's domestic political upheaval. Ceausescu fled arrested. December 25 by a special military court sentenced to death. (Lsjt.net)

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