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December 25.1991-Gorbachev announced his resignation from the office of President of the Soviet Union

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December 25, 1991 (20 Xinwei winter months), Gorbachev announced his resignation from the office of President of the Soviet Union.

Gorbachev announced his resignation from the office of President of the Soviet Union
Gorbachev signed the resignation, then delivered a 12-minute televised speech. Reference December 1991 at 19 o'clock 40, Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev said in a statement on national television, due to the current domestic situation and the establishment of the Commonwealth of Independent States, he decided to stop in the position of President of the Soviet Union activity.
Gorbachev last speech as Soviet President.
Gorbachev said he supported the independence of the people of all ethnic groups, in support of the sovereignty of the republics, but also advocates maintaining the integrity of the Union State. However the event along another road development, to split the country, "which I can never agree. "Even after the Alma Ata conference, my position has not changed. I insist that this problem should be based on the will of the people to decide. "
But Gorbachev also said he will continue to do everything possible to make the already signed agreement can be endorsed by society, in order to get rid of the crisis and promote the reform. (History today. Com)
Gorbachev recalled in 1985, he served as the road traveled since the CPSU Central Committee General Secretary, and examples of the achievements at home and abroad. These years, all the reform "failed", he acknowledged that "countries have lost the future". He stressed, "can not live like this anymore, must fundamentally change".
Gorbachev Finally, thanked all those who support him, and said he is "both worried and hope" to leave their posts.
Gorbachev was elected the first president of the Soviet Union in the Soviet Union, the Third People's Congress in March 1990, he assumed the presidency so far in less than two years.
Prior to the December 24 meeting of the All-Russian press, Russian Federation President Boris Yeltsin, Gorbachev issued a statement immediately control of the nuclear button to be handed over to him. , 23, his discussion about the treatment of Ge retirement Gorbachev, Yeltsin said. Gorbachev's pension equivalent to his wages, he said, 4,000 rubles a month. In addition, he can keep the villa, two cars and 20 guards, staff, and medical services now enjoyed.

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