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December 25.1991-Dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

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December 25, 1991 (20 Xinwei winter months), the disintegration of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Yeltsin stood is surrounded by the Russian parliament building, that the "White House" outside a tank top speech memorable
1991 December 25, 2011, Gorbachev husband officially announced his resignation a televised speech. The day 18:32, the occasion of the 69 anniversary of the coming of the founding of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the Soviet sickle and hammer flag flying on top in the Kremlin slowly decline; 19:45, side Russian tri-color in red, blue, white family rose to the Kremlin. Since then, the history of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics came to an end. (Lssdjt.com)
"8-19 Incident", the so-called "new process Liao fertile oga actually difficult to continue, the Soviet Union accelerated towards disintegration. In early October, [TodayinHistory.cn] In addition to the three Baltic abroad, the 12 former republics of Soviet leaders in Almaty jointly economic agreement. After intense bargaining, October 18, the president and eight of the Soviet Union (1 $ djτ.cōm). Joined the leaders of the Republic of the sovereignty of the Republic for Economic Co-operation Treaty signed in Moscow (the L $ djτ.ЙЁT) Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine did not participate in the contract, the provisions of the treaty to retain the role of the ruble as the common currency of the unified monetary system, participating countries to fulfill the Soviet foreign economic obligations and pursue a coherent economic policy. Treaty but because of the lack of politically binding, will soon become a dead letter. the
11 16, Russian leaders Boris Yeltsin announced the 10 presidential decree, to take over the production departments, including the precious metals are the powers of the central finance financial sector, deprived of an important source of revenue of the Union, and to stop the about 80 central Ministry funding. Later, Yeltsin announced that the Soviet Union National Bank and Foreign Economic Bank was taken over by the Central Bank of Russia, to master the Union's monetary power.
into December, around the struggle of the Soviet Union, the fate of further exacerbated. Western countries see the hopeless situation, Gorbachev started the "two-track" policy of the Republic and the Central equally gradual transition to support the independence of the republics of the "one-sided" policy. On December 1, the Republic of Ukraine out of the Union and the election of the president to hold a referendum before the vote, the United States hinted that Ukraine vote results show that to be independent of the alliance, the United States will recognize. This position changes in the United States to vote on Ukraine played an important role. 99.85% of the voters in favor of independence. The the original Ukrainian Supreme Soviet 席克拉夫丘克 was elected the first President of Ukraine. Kravchuk, in his inaugural speech made it clear that Ukraine the Gorbachev initiative sovereign state will not participate in Union. Population of nearly 52 million, the total GNP Su-25% of Ukraine's independence, Gorbachev plans to form a new coalition is a fatal blow.
12 in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus leaders carrying Gorbachev met. Tripartite communique issued after the meeting said the three countries have signed the agreement of the three countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States ". Which claimed that "as a subject of international law and a geopolitical reality in the Soviet Union ceased to exist, the laws of the Soviet Union and all the norms are no longer applicable in the three countries.
three Slavic country's total population, the total size and economic strength of the dominant league. The decision of the three countries Gorbachev signed a new treaty of alliance efforts eventually vanish into thin air. (Lsjt.net)
Minsk met communique published after the former Soviet Union in the five Central Asian countries - Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan leaders issued a statement on December 13, expressed their willingness to become the Commonwealth of Independent States created equal country. , Yeltsin came to the Kremlin in
12 23, eight hours of talks with Gorbachev, asking him to hand over the supreme command of the armed forces of firing 27,000 nuclear warheads "nuclear button & rdquo ;, the Kremlin Presidential Palace. Gorbachev also a number of valuable archival material handed over to Yeltsin. The Yeltsin guarantee enjoy generous treatment of country villas, cars, security personnel, including the resignation of Gorbachev. the
12, 24, with his staff, including Yakovlev, Shevardnadze, Gorbachev held a farewell, our parting. the
12 25, Gorbachev signed his last presidential decree: resign from the armed forces supreme commander duties, handing over control of the armed forces and the "nuclear button" to Yeltsin. 19:00
night, Gorbachev in the Office of the President, facing the camera, to the nation and around the world delivered a speech to resign the office of President of the Soviet Union. He said: "In view of the Commonwealth of Independent States formed after the establishment of the situation, I stopped myself as the activities of the Soviet Union presidency. This decision was taken out of principled considerations. "I insisted on the independence and autonomy of the people of all ethnic groups, advocate Republic has sovereignty; while advocating the preservation of the Union State, to maintain the integrity of the country. However, the situation is developed along another road, dismembered and principle of secession prevailed, I can not agree. "" I'm also a big country, our people lose nationality uneasy, it will give all people a very heavy consequences. Gorbachev stern optimistic predictions, but he ended the speech: "I believe that our joint efforts will bear fruit sooner or later, and our people will live in prosperity and democratic society. "
19 hours 20 minutes, Gorbachev" nuclear button "through" CIS "temporary armed forces commander-in-chief Saposnikov handed over to Russian President Boris Yeltsin.
19 hours 38 minutes, the Kremlin over India sickle and ax pattern Soviet flag came down, and the Russian white-blue-red tricolor flag up on the flagpole.
12, 26, the Supreme Soviet of the Republic held its last meeting, in order to fulfill the legal formalities of the Soviet Union ceased to exist. Less than 100 people, the venue is very deserted, the only Republic hospital the main 席阿利姆扎 Romanov, one seated on the podium. Conventional electronic voting machines do not have to start, and even the registration number to will nor.
Congress by a vote of a declaration. The declaration said: "With the establishment of the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Supreme Soviet of the Republic confirmed that the main body of the Soviet Union as a national and international law, its existence is about to stop. "But it must be pointed out that not all of the representatives are in favor of this Declaration, and some think it is meaningless, since the collapse of the Soviet Union has become a fait accompli; Some believe that by the Republic of the court announced that the Soviet Union ceased to exist in the sub-legal, such decisions can only be decided by Soviet People's Congress.
the adoption of the Declaration, Alicante Muzha Ivanov told delegates: "The Republic of hospital to reach the end. Our own citizens and representative duties, did not live up to the trust of the sovereign Republic. "Since Soviet President announced his resignation to the entire population, since the Soviet Union's national flag has been lowered, today we have the full rights to the Constitution ways to calm the completion of our work - held its last meeting. "Prior to this, the House of the Union of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union took place on December 23 decision, the House of the Union is no longer held any meeting. Alicante Muzha Ivanov announced that the Soviet parliament from this dissolution, deputies said goodbye, went their separate ways. A former superpower has become a thing of the past one hundred and eleven Soviet.
1991 12 25 Soviet flag quietly lowered from the Kremlin, the Russian flag slowly rising, (on TodayOnHistory.com) marks the end of an old era and the beginning of a new era the
Gorbachev signed the resignation delivered a 12-minute televised speech: "I have firmly in favor of maintaining the Union countries, to maintain the integrity of the country. Recent events, but in another direction, national break-up has become a reality, I can not agree that this happens ......
President of the Russian Federation, Boris - Boris Yeltsin became the central figure of the opposition coup
thousands of demonstrators ignoring the martial law government released publicly expressed their opposition to the coup
Yanayev forces

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