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December 25.1997-Kaunda, Zambia Dr. Sun Yat-sen ", arrested

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(Landmarks in the winter months, 26), December 25, 1997, Kaunda, Zambia Dr. Sun Yat-sen ", was arrested.

Kaunda, Zambia Dr. Sun Yat-sen ", arrested
Kaunda, Zambia Dr. Sun Yat-sen ", arrested
David Card honda
1997 at 6:00 on the 25th, about 80 hand-held AK-47 assault rifles Zambia paramilitary police suddenly surrounded the former President of Zambia, Zambia's United National Independence Party President Kaunda in Lusaka residence (history com) and then to the Zambia Dr. Sun Yat-sen "has a history of 27 years in power. arrested. [Today in History cn] According to Kaunda's spokesman said was about 10 plainclothes police officers burst into the room Kaunda Kaunda, Kaunda two claims have something to ask assistant and six lawyers was taken away along with Kaunda. The spokesman expected, Zambian President Frederick Chiluba will soon sign a arrested Kaunda command in. Zambia attempted military coup on October 28, the emergency law in force, Chiluba has the right to do so.
matter immediately aroused the concern of all aspects of Zambia. United National Independence Party deputy secretary Qitanbala said, the Party Central Committee will be convened immediately to discuss the matter countermeasures.
data analysis, Kaunda's been arrested is closely related to the attempted coup in October and Zambia. On October 28, the part of the Zambian military coup, troops loyal to Chiluba quickly to control the situation, and foiled the coup. Chiluba subsequently decided that the implementation of the emergency law in the country, the provisions of the coup suspects detained for 24 hours in the prosecution before trial. Zambian government forces also launched a nationwide manhunt actions of the coup suspects. Chiluba said October 30, Zambia domestic some dignitaries may be the mastermind of the coup. It is believed that the the Chiluba words for the National Movement for Multiparty Democracy main Xi Weina previously said Kaunda an allegation. Kaunda may be related to the coup have been implicated in the grounds is the eve of the coup, Kaunda has said that if the ruling party with the opposition on domestic political issues in a serious dialogue, the situation in Zambia soon after the coup was foiled, Wiener said, there will be "explosive".
Kaunda eve of the coup left Zambia, he had just returned three days before being arrested. Kaunda was arrested, the spokesman said Kaunda and the United National Independence Party and the coup without any implicated, Kaunda was arrested due to the personal animosity between Chiluba and Kaunda.
Kaunda Born in 1924 in the Northern Province of Zambia, Qin Sali County, from youth engaged in against colonial rule, and the struggle for national independence. (TodayinHistory.cn) 1946 he was involved in to create Northern Rhodesia (Zambia formerly) African National Congress, quit the party in 1958, another group of the Zambia African National Congress and the President. Zambia, the African National Congress was banned in March 1959, Kaunda was the colonial authorities in exile, was released in November of the same year. January 1960, he was appointed Chairman of the United National Independence Party.
1964, Zambia independent Kaunda as the first president reelected president, and thereafter at a number of election. Rulers during Kaunda committed to African unity and reunification, the former Chairman of the OAU, the chairman of the Southern African frontline states. 1970 to 1973, he was appointed Chairman of the Non-Aligned Movement. Zambia held multiparty elections in 1991, Kaunda lost to incumbent President Chiluba.
In February 2007, Chinese President Hu Jintao met in Lusaka, Zambia, former President Kaunda

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