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December 31.1894-Dramatists Hong Shen's birthday

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December 31, 1894 (Jiawu years of the twelfth lunar month, the fifth day), dramatist Hong Shen's birthday. In In 1894, Hong Shen's Birthday "target =" _blank "> Hong Shen was born in Jiangsu Wujin his childhood passion for drama student participated in many theatrical performances. (lsjt.net )

Dramatists Hong Shen's birthday
1915, he wrote a screenplay dialogue "sell pears, followed by the creation of a" poor Tragedy, then embarked on the road of dramatic creation, one of the founders of the Chinese drama movement (history TodayOnHistory.com) summer of
1916, Hong Shen went to study in the United States first learned ceramic engineering, and later studied drama after returning home in 1922, worked in Fudan University, Jinan, Shandong, Zhongshan, Xiamen Beijing Normal University and other universities, he is mainly engaged in the work of theater and film director in 1923, he joined the Theatre Association to participate in and leadership of Fudan University Drama Society, the southern community, the improvement of the level of the formation of modern Chinese drama and theater arts a greater contribution to Hong Shen, Chinese Left-Wing Writers Union and the left-wing dramatist Union in 1930 to 1932, have to write that reflect the life and struggle of Jiangnan rural farmers in rural trilogy: "kyu Bridge", "Hong rice "," Green Dragon "These are Hong Shen masterpiece, but also" the first time in May since more fully reflect the misery of farmers and their heroic struggle plays, with a strong anti-imperialist, anti- the significance.
July "before the incident Hong Shen actively engaged in defense drama activities, write a one-act drama theme of the War of Resistance Against Japan, such as:" smuggling "," tungsten "," salted fish '(with Shen starting to cooperation), and founded the "bright" fortnightly and Xia Yan, one of the important positions in the propaganda war of resistance. Hong Shen Mei Yang Xueyang not the slightest Nuyan and obsequiousness, 1937 personally refuted the pessimistic subjugation remarks of Wang Jingwei in Wuhan, Hong Shen Zhou Enlai, Guo, under the leadership of the Central Military Commission in 1938 will be any drama section chief of the Political Department, organized more than a dozen against the enemy the inland rural drama team instigating anti-Japanese. meantime, strong revolutionary zeal, he wrote "Flying General", "m", "package benefit" screenplay, has played a positive role in promoting the anti-Japanese movement.
1941 Wannan Incident, Hong Shen worked in Guilin , Chongqing, Kunming director of Hong Kong "," fascist bacteria "," motherland Call, the hero of the bush "drama" Goodbye, effectively coordinated fight against the destruction of the War of Resistance Against Japan, the KMT government to undermine unity. victory of the war he returned to Shanghai, Fudan University, Shanghai drama designed to teach also orchestrating a "beauty line" spring "extra duty" and other operas. widely Hong Shen contact with the masses, is a warm and sincere, treating others with equality, he learned , familiar and foreign literature and drama, classical Chinese opera and folk art insightful, with real artist's temperament and courage of the people (the l $ jτ.cń) Xia Yan said: "Hong Shen drama creation, directors, performers made a comprehensive practice and ongoing exploration of the theoretical aspects of the formation of China's modern drama and theater arts level to do the work of the foundation. "
1955 (history cn) Hung Shenzhen's death, when he was 61 years old.

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