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January 31.1976-The death of Chinese literary theorist, a modern writer, literary translator Feng Xuefeng

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(Hare on the first day of the first lunar month), January 31, 1976, the Chinese literary theorist, modern writer, literary translator Feng Xuefeng's death. Feng Xuefeng's birthday

The death of Chinese literary theorist, a modern writer, literary translator Feng Xuefeng
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1976 January 31, 2010, the literary theorist of modern writer, poet, literary translator Feng Xuefeng died in Beijing at the age of 74 years old. Feng Xuefeng
Zhejiang Yiwu, 1922 and Wang Jingzhi, should repair person, Pan mo the Chinese organization lakeside Poetry Society, after co-published vernacular new collection of poems, "Lake" and "Spring. album in June 1927, Feng Xuefeng added the Communist Party of China in March 1928, people dedicated to the victims of Communism. "inscription in the translation, he was reactionary authorities and arresting, south of Shanghai, stray again. shortly with the Zhejiang Provincial CPC Committee connected to the relationship, establish Party Provincial Committee Feng Xuefeng together with the other party members back to Yiwu, July 1928 back to hometown after an absence of names years, one side of teaching secondary schools in Yiwu, one side of any city branch secretary of the end of the year, because it was the KMT provincial government wanted, leave Yiwu to Shanghai, unfortunately, was arrested on February 6, 1941, the creation of the "true Song" and "Mountain Song" in prison, two years later, was released from prison under the Multi Party Rescued After liberation, Feng Xuefeng comrades has long been engaged in literary theory and Lu Xun Research 1957 was wrongly classified as a rightist, expelled from the party, the revocation of the People's Literature Publishing House, president and editor-in-chief and Writers Association Vice Chairman, and rank died suffering from lung cancer on January 30, 1976, 1979 April formally approved "the correction decision" About Feng Xuefeng rightist, recovery from the party on November 17 of the same year opened a formal memorial service for him to fill.
translation: Plekhanov's "Art and Social life "Lunacharsky art society" Writers' Gorky's novella "summer" after the liberation of the works: the Film Literature screenplay "Shangrao Concentration Camp" historical novel "Heavenly Kingdom and memories of Lu Xun ".
Feng Xuefeng with Lu Xun two photo
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