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February 6.1989-Poland "Roundtable" meeting

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February 6, 1989, the first day of the first lunar month (Baba), Poland "Roundtable" held.

1989, after long-term preparation Poland "round table" has finally opened its doors. Party and government authorities and representatives of the political opposition in Poland, as well as celebrities from all walks of life with 57 people sitting round table, and discuss national affairs. Poland opened up new avenues to seek national reconciliation. the
held a round-table the motion proposed by the Polish authorities in mid-August 1988, was when Poland since 1982 that strikes. The General Polish Interior Minister Nestor Chuck was ordered to be put forward, Lech Walesa (Poland Solidarity Chairman) help to convince the workers to stop the strike, it means the beginning of the round table. The Lech Walesa response to this call, the first meeting was held on August 31 with Kish Chuck. Then, he went to the various strike locations and put an end to the wave of strikes. The end of 1988, the two men were two meetings, roundtables held consultations. Since both sides there are significant differences in the issues on the meeting agenda, meeting time, and on behalf of candidates, resulting in the duration of the repeated delays. The L $ dj¦Ó.c¨­m]
1989, the Polish United Workers' Party held its Tenth Tenth Plenary adjournment was further discussion of the Reform Party, the implementation of the problem of political pluralism and trade union pluralism, respectively resolution on two issues. The meeting noted that Poland is willing to engage in a dialogue with a constructive political force, the form of the common search for understanding; advocates cancel the national understanding of the conditions under restrictions on the establishment of a new union, but the precondition is the newly established trade unions to abide by the Constitution and laws order, and use of financial assistance in the country to put an end to the breach of the peace and stability in the country.
Solidarity National Executive Committee welcomed the wave of the CPC Central Committee's resolution, to social dialogue has taken significant steps, Solidarity will be the national interest, and to comply with the existing laws of the State and to start negotiations as soon as possible for the future of the country. On January 27, President Lech Walesa of Solidarity with the Interior Minister Nestor Chuck held the fourth meeting between the two sides agreed to officially hold a roundtable meeting in February 6. The [history www.TodayOnHistory.com]
Roundtable gone through twists and turns to be held in the main objective needs of the situation and both become wiser. Represented by Lech Walesa, Solidarity moderates also received a lesson after the setbacks of 1981, recognized the to blindly strike not overcome the crisis, the best way to improve life, then accepted the authorities to hold a roundtable initiative.
Solidarity trade union representatives to participate in the first roundtable authorities have strongly opposed the "extremists" library dragon and Michnik. The representatives of the parties at the meeting described their attitude and position, and the subsequent establishment of the three panels, respectively, to discuss the economic and social policies, trade union pluralism, political reform and other issues. Also established according to the proposal of the representative in the group under the external debt problems, environmental problems, price and income grouping.
after two months of effort, Poland "roundtable" closed on April 5, the two sides signed a communique "and three agreements on the issue of the political, economic, social reform, and trade union pluralism . Polish Minister of the Interior at the end of the meeting, pointed out: "Roundtable" will be the beginning leading to the road of democracy and freedom in Poland.

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