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February 12.1804-German philosopher Immanuel Kant's death

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(Jiazi the first month, the first two days), February 12, 1804, the death of the German philosopher Immanuel Kant.

German philosopher Immanuel Kant's death
Kant was born in 1755 of the "target =" _blank "> to Kant's like
Kant, born April 22, 1724. 入哥尼斯贝格 University in 1740. Renjia Ting teachers four years since 1746. University academic made docent qualifications, a lecturer for 15 years. During this time Kant as teachers and writers, The reputation addition to teaching physics and mathematics, and also taught logic, metaphysics, moral philosophy, Firearms and fortification school natural geography, etc. In the 1760s, the major works of this period: "on the principles of natural theology and moral clarity" (1764), "The introduction of a negative concept in the philosophy of the attempt" (1763), the demonstration of the existence of God the only source of possible "(1763)," written as the Spirit Malady (1766) examined the point of view of all of the spiritual world. was appointed to the logic and metaphysics professor in 1770 the same year published "On the feeling form and principles of community and intellectual circles. Starting in 1781, nine years published a series involving the broad field of the great works of originality, brought a philosophical ideological revolution in the short term. "Critique of Pure Reason "(1781)," Practical Reason Critique "(1788)," Critique of Judgment "(1790). published after 1793" rational within religious accused of abuse of philosophy, distort, and contempt for the basic doctrines of Christianity; Today in History www.lssdjt.com] So government requirements in lectures and writings, Kant shall not talking about religious issues, but the king's death in 1797, he re-addressed in the last an important paper, "College dispute" (1798) this problem. "transition from the highest principles of natural science to the physics could have become an important complement to the philosophy of Kant, but the book fails to complete. died on February 12, 1804. (Lssdjt.com)

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