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February 6.1924-Jin Yong was born

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February 6, 1924 (the first month, the first two days) Jiazi, Jin Yong was born. Jin Yong's

Jin Yong was born
Jin Yong,
(February 6, 1924 -), the Hong Kong Grand Bauhinia Xun Yin. " Formerly known as Louis Cha, Haining, Zhejiang Province, a famous contemporary writer, news, scientists, entrepreneurs, social activists, the Hong Kong Basic Law "one of the drafters. Jin Yong is the most prominent representative of the new style martial arts writer, was universally hailed as the "Mount Rushmore" of the martial arts writer, more gold fans revered as "Jinda Xia" or "CHA". main
fly - Tales Of The Flying Fox "(1960-1961)
The snow ─" snowster "(1959)
even -" A Deadly Secret "(1963 years)
days - "Dragon" (1963-1966)
shot-Eagle Shooting Heroes "(1957-1959)
─" 白马啸西风 "(1961 years):
deer - Deer (1969-1972) (last novel)
the laugh ─ "Swordsman" (1967)
book ─ "Stirring grace Qiu Lu (1955) first the novel,
God - "evil" (of 1959-1961)
Xia-knight-line "(1965)
leaning ─" Bi-Sword "(1956)
mandarin duck -" Twin Swords "Dragon" (1961)

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