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February 1.1976-German physicist, the founder of quantum mechanics, Heisenberg's death

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February 1, 1976 (hare on the first month of the first two days), German physicist, founder of quantum mechanics, Heisenberg's death.

German physicist, the founder of quantum mechanics, Heisenberg's death
German physicist, the founder of quantum mechanics, Heisenberg's death
German physicist, the founder of quantum mechanics, Heisenberg's death
Heisenberg's death "target =" _blank "> the Heisenberg
Heisenberg made a significant, because of his understanding of the concept of the nucleus, ferromagnetism, cosmic rays, elementary particles Improvements [L $ djτ.cōm] obtained the Nobel Prize in 1932. was recognized as one of the innovative thinkers of the 20th century as a social activist, after World War II, he actively promoted the peaceful use of atomic energy in 1957 The leadership of other German scientists against nuclear-armed West German army (lsjt.net)
Heisenberg December 1901, was born in Wurzburg, Germany, (L $ djτ.ЙЁT) youth studying at the University of Munich physics, his doctoral thesis in 1923 entitled "On the turbulent liquid flow." steady-state energy of the harmonic oscillator problem was solved in 1925. shortly, the quantum theory of the re-interpretation of the relationship between the dynamics and mechanics, proposed new interpretation of the basic concepts of quantum mechanics. published "uncertainty principle" in 1927 to clarify the interpretation of quantum mechanics theory limitations, certain pairs of physical variables, such as position and momentum, always affecting each other. although can be measured, but it is impossible to draw precise value. "uncertainty principle" applies to all macro and micro phenomenon, but its validity is usually confined to the microscopic physics. Bohr and philosophical co-principle stressed physicists measured the positive role of physics in the measurement process, and interact with the object being observed, so that is revealed in the measurement is not the object itself but measuring function. many physics home, including Einstein, Schrodinger, de Broglie, do not accept and co philosophy between 1927-1941, he was appointed professor at the University of Leipzig. after four Ren Bolin William Physics Research Institute.
1976 February 1, generation physics guru Heisenberg died in Munich at the age of seventy-five All-Star
generation physics guru

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