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February 16.1032-Emperor Yingzong of Song was born

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(Renshen flood the temple), February 16, 1032, Emperor Yingzong of Song was born.

Emperor Yingzong of Song was born
Emperor Yingzong of Song was born
Emperor Yingzong of Song was born "target =" _blank "> Emperor Yingzong of Song calendar Lung function Shengde Xian the Wen Su Wu Rui of San Xuan Xiaohuang Emperor (1032-1067), formerly known cases of real stem should. later renamed Zhao Shu, Taizong great-grandson, Pu the Wang Yun Let's son. Renzong no sub Hidemune childhood raising any cases access palace, given names were treasure. 1050 the for Yuezhou militia make, after for Qinzhou defense make the 1055 legislation that heir. reign during Hidemune, appointment the old veterans Han Qideng people, do not want to reform, but the war did not happen with the Liao and Western Xia in 1067, died in the palace Funing temple. reign the four buried Wing thick Mausoleum, funerary high after Di Qing, Yang Yanzhao .

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