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February 7.1799-Chinese Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong's death

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(Kang Xi flood the temple), February 7, 1799, the Chinese emperor Qianlong's death.

Chinese Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong's death
Qianlong Emperor (the Gaozong AIXINJUELUO · Hong Li, September 25, 1711 to February 7, 1799), Chinese emperors of the Qing dynasty (1735-1795 year reign). So subjugation
previous generation, said strong fan said foreign aggression, said the powerful minister, said outside Granville, said female advocate, said Huan Temple, said a traitor, said sycophants, so had no one seems - Qianlong since assessment
my heavenly rich resources, nothing is there, this without barbarian goods, ...... I appreciate the difficulty with Western countries, so permit to open in Macau Matheson, needed to meet the barbarians. ...... Heavenly Legal guarded, have opened each of the best land in the territory, can not be a points system, the the Englishman request Shanggei land issue off infeasible ... Seoul king except when good body Zhen Yi, Yi Lai Cheng paragraph and perpetual deferential to preserve Dole Pradesh, a blessing of the shared Pacific - Qianlong A foreign Tongshang envoys
, (author: A Chol) Qianlong Emperor, name Aixinjueluo Hong Li, Miaohao, lofty cases, the fourth emperor of the Qing Dynasty Entering. His stable rule of 60 years, to maintain China's last feudal dynasty flourishing his era, after after a long precipitation is China's feudal political, economic and cultural aspects of the master of the era, he personally has also become the chief representative of all of this.
Qianlong was the fourth son of the Yongzheng Emperor Yongzheng philosophers most talented a childhood favorite even lent their grandfather Kangxi, Yongzheng ascended the throne that year, was "secret construction of Crown Prince" established as the successor. 1735, Yongzheng violent collapse, Qianlong smooth succession to the throne. Pampered childhood, and almost no setbacks on board the highest throne, may lead Qianlong later "obsession with greatness and success".

Yongzheng reign of a series of reforms to strengthen the rule of the strong anti-corruption the purge Asatsuna, has laid a good foundation for the Qianlong reign, but his reign has left "harsh" notoriety. Qianlong throne after first want to establish the generous political image, the vindication of some officials of the Yongzheng period of persecution. But in fact, the end of its 60-year rule, the "concession" is just the surface of the article, harsh is the real kernel.
Qianlong little initiative in domestic affairs, the greatest achievement is to continue to implement the Yongzheng period "Assessment acres," Chieftain "policy, to maintain their rule and the personal prestige of high-level stability, achieve stable development of the socio-economic prosperity. Qianlong own most proud of, he "Prof. disable, and thus he claimed to be" Shiquan elderly. Prof. disable "including two pacification of Northwest Zungar, once Pingding Xinjiang Huibu, two conquer the southwest of the size of the Jinchuan crackdown Lin Shuang-wen uprising, the first expedition to Myanmar, once set off Vietnam and the two set off to Nepal Gurkhas. In fact, the only history the northwest military action. .
despite of Mongolia Zungar leader Galdan Kangxi beat his nephew policy 布阿拉布坦 in the Northwest still has a lot of forces, control of Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai, incitement of ethnic minorities in these areas enemies with the Qing court. The policy 布阿拉布坦 death, its sub-Galdan policy of zero continues to dominate its congregation. Qianlong era, encounter great opportunity of Zungar civil strife, and decisively in 1755, sent troops to attack and occupy Ili. But Galdan policy zero nephew 阿睦尔撒纳 drop undone rebels, the second time in 1757, the Qing government sent troops finally completely cleared Zungar rebel forces. War, counting from Galdan era has been going on for nearly 70 years. after the
Zungar Pingding, the leader of the Uighur, small and chomo, returned to Xinjiang, Uygur ministries anti instigated. Qianlong was forced third of the northwest military forces, the war continued for three years, finally forced, small chomo, fled abroad. Subsequently, Qianlong set Ili General in Kashgar and other places to set Cenzandachen, leader Minister, while significantly reducing the tax burden of the Uighur region. Northwest more than 190 million land with the centrifugal tendencies finally consolidate under the central regime, which is a major contribution of the Qianlong on Chinese history.
addition, southwest of the Battle of the size of the Jinchuan also played very hard, two rebel a total of nearly 30 years, and runs through the middle of the Qianlong reign. Qianlong has two kill the coach, silver consumption of 70 million, only subdue the Tibetans here.
addition to Prof. disable, the biggest highlight of the Qianlong period is cultural as. Qianlong himself is enthusiastic art lovers and sponsors. He himself is said that writing poetry up to 40,000 songs, the play's historical sites, often pro-poem in on. He is also a bibliophile. False picture of peace, and to show their own cultural accomplishment, or perhaps from a sincere enthusiasm during his reign organized many large-scale cultural projects, including the preparation of "Si Ku Quan Shu", "Great Qing Code," Zhou Yi Shu Yi "," three the FELL sparse "," Dynasty Annals "," Eight Banners Annals books, also school paper weight engraved with the "Thirteen", "22 History", "three links" and other books, most of which striking is the compilation of "Si Ku Quan Shu", the total income of the ancient books of 3457, a total of 79,070 volumes, 36,275 bound to save a lot of precious ancient books, for a master of Chinese ancient culture. In addition, the Qianlong era was born the pinnacle of a classical Chinese novel "Dream of Red Mansions", Qianlong himself, but also for this day and age add luster.
However, the Qianlong era (including the early Qing Dynasty) cultural achievement, lack of creative achievements, and more textual research, compiled to summarize the achievements of this kind. This is related to the characteristics of this era. "Literary inquisition" of the Qing Dynasty to the Qianlong era reached its peak, the sheer number, implicated the wide are far more than the previous generation, totaled more than 130. With his predecessors, Kangxi, Yongzheng compared Qianlong more interested at this, and obviously by "literary inquisition" to strengthen themselves in the ideological and cultural monopoly. In compiled "Sikuquanshu, during the hundreds of thousands of books were banned due to various reasons taboo, which is I must mention a cultural koan.
Qianlong was a very lucky, very good fortune imperial. In his later years when he intoxicated that not only "kingdom positive, expanding soil wide surrender ordinary, China Shu An" rare compared to the people, even among his years in comparison with the emperors life, descendants number is one of the best. Qianlong's narcissism solid undesirable, but the fact that he cited are still some truth, he indeed born wise, versatile, and life countless times to enjoy the luxury celebration parade (which gave birth to countless romantic legends of the "six down the south "), his reign, is a master of Chinese feudal culture period, the degree of absolute monarchy, regardless of ideological or institutional peaked.
Qianlong era after the mid-luxury wind calling the shots, and gradually spread throughout the ruling class. Accompanied with luxury Aioi corruption. The minions and gentry maintained a special relationship with Qianlong later life, it is corrupt representatives. Qianlong's death possessions when their homes searched, the equivalent of 18 years of national tax revenue.
when Qianlong in the narcissism of the time, but also in the "heavenly country's dream to sleep heaviest. European powers gunboats have been spotted around China, are finding ways to open the door to China. China were seemingly "stable" social structure and ideological system binding the pace of progress, the Qianlong era of the Qing Dynasty, began to become corrupt and backward synonymous.
Qing dynasty Qianlong history back, but because of the Qianlong maintain the territorial integrity of China's role and his cultural aspects as (including both positive and negative), he was still "barely" included in the rankings, ranked No. 100.
Comment: No matter from which point of view, the Qianlong Emperor is a naturally strong emperors, ancestors left him, not only the accumulation of vast territory and Statecraft, as well as the emperor of the world as the ideological foundation of private property . The Qianlong success is his most fully take advantage of the strong position, combined with outstanding personal abilities, the impact of the various aspects of play to great. Only a strong imperial operating, will have the pinnacle of the 2000 system and ideological culture "Unity".

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