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February 12.1910-The Guangzhou military uprising failed, Ni Yingdian sacrifice

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(Gengxu flood the temple), February 12, 1910, the the Guangzhou military uprising failed, Ni Yingdian sacrifice. ,

The Guangzhou military uprising failed, Ni Yingdian sacrifice
1910 2 12 (the L $ djτ.cōm) United League member Guangzhou new artillery platoon Ni Yingdian to sacrifice "target =" _blank "> Ni Yingdian multiply Guangzhou police and the new army clashes, the rate of new army uprising , tube with Qi Ruhan killed three columns to attack the Guangzhou City the next day, was clear Guard battalion commanding Wu Zongyu sudden attack, Ni Yingdian shot in the sacrifice, at the age of 26 years old. (history today www.lssdjt.com)
Yijun rout, killed hundreds of people, and arrested hundreds of people, otherwise withdraw hundreds of people in Hong Kong, the uprising failed. year years Gengxu Guangzhou Xinjun the uprising also known as "Gengxu Guangzhou New Army Battle. ; the br>
Ni Yingdian (1885 to 1910), the word Bingzhang. Hefei North Township Wu shop (now part of Changfeng county). immature father studied medicine. admitted to Anhui Military Academy in 1904, soon Jiaru Yue Wang sit after graduation to Jiangning into the the Jiangnan Artillery crash Academy School Division. ninth town Artillery Officer upon completion of Ren Xinjun, ZHAO Sheng Wu Valley, Bowen Wei's anti-revolutionary activities, he served as the thirty-first hybrid Association artillery battalion pipe band, and Xiong uprising seeking to evade the warrant of arrest to Guangdong Zhao sound at vent after the incident. ZHAO Sheng joined the United League, renamed Ni end, Ren Xinjun 炮队 trainee platoon. the 1909 Guangdong revolutionaries ready uprising. conflict in February of the following year because of the new army and police station, Greatly agitated, he decided to act decisively ahead of the uprising. February 12, the tube with Qi Ruhan knockdown led his troops siege captured sacrifice Falls due to injury in 1912, Nanjing interim government confer posthumously Army General.
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