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February 16.1279-The death of Alfonso III, King of Portugal

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(JiMao first month of the fourth day), February 16, 1279, death of Alfonso III, King of Portugal. the death of Alfonso III,

The death of Alfonso III, King of Portugal
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A Alfonso III (of Afonso III o Bravo, 1210 -1279 February 16, 2009), King of Portugal (1248 to 1279 reign).
Alfonso III is the youngest son of King Alfonso II of Portugal, mother Princess Castilla Siniora Mallorca his youth most of the time spent in France in 1238, he married heiress Matilda with the Bois Niebo country inherited the title of Earl of Boulogne.
1246 (1 $ djτ. cōm) brother Alfonso, King of Portugal Sancho II and the Church of serious conflict. announced that Pope Innocent IV deposed Sancho II, Alfonso and specify the Request on behalf of its status. Alfonso did not refuse the good intentions of the Pope He immediately returned to Portugal II struggle with Obasanjo he and Obasanjo II two years of feudal melee, culminating in the 1248 overthrow of the latter took the throne.
boarded the Portuguese throne, Alfonso cable III abandon the Buloh Niebo country, Matilda divorce in 1253 he went on to marry the Castilian King Alfonso X. illegitimate daughter Bridget Waters for the queen. < br> in 1250 to 1251, Alfonso III conquered the last Moorish kingdom in Portugal Algarve, Portugal completed Reconquista.
Alfonso III (866-910), Leon King, son of O'Donovan I, known as "the Great" after ascending the throne, he will Metropole from 奥维耶多南 to Leon from the Kingdom called Leon Kingdom, Alfonso III defeated Moorish attack, and the Kingdom of southward expansion to Porto, Coimbra, Zamora and Burgos line the Christian forces to advance to the Douro River line (Porto and Coimbra soon recaptured by Muslims .) after his death the kingdom is divided into three kingdoms of Asturias, León and Galicia, by his three sons Frew Ella II inherited Garcia I and O'Donovan II, respectively. < br>

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