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February 16.1983-A famous meteorologist Leiyu Shun's death

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(Guihai first month of the fourth day), February 16, 1983, the death of a famous meteorologist Lei Yushun. the death of

A famous meteorologist Leiyu Shun's death
Lei Yushun "target =" _blank "> Lei Yushun like
Lei Yushun, born in 1935, Shaanxi Tongchuan 1965 graduate of the Department of Geophysics, Peking University. former National Meteorological Institute of Science and Technology assistant researcher, director, Research Associate. joined the Chinese Communist Party in 1953, has presided over the energy weather theory is applied to the heavy rain, hail and other severe convective weather, the formation of a more effective method of weather analysis and forecasting of the study 1982 was awarded the National Science and Technology Commission, the results presented by the State Agricultural Committee Promotion Award. "energy synoptic, editor of" Hail Introduction
1983, 16 died on the day.

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