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February 1.1987-Bank of China RMB "Great Wall credit card" is the first issue in Beijing

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February 1, 1987 (Dingmao fourth day) in the first month, the Bank of China RMB "Great Wall credit card was first issued in Beijing. after

Bank of China RMB "Great Wall credit card" is the first issue in Beijing
the China Bank Credit Card
reform and opening up, China's economic field a variety of economic sectors, commodity trading in a lot of cash, personal travel shopping needs, "wealthy", The increasing amount of cash held by individual operators. In order to reduce the cash "pump" to control the circulation of money, and the convenience of our customers' consumption, shopping and travel, the Bank of China Beijing Branch on February 1, 1987 for the first time issued "Renminbi Great Wall credit card. At present, the bank issued credit cards a total amount of more than 15 million card. The (lsjt.org)
use of credit cards, there are many benefits to consumers and consumer shops hostels, etc., as well as the issuing bank or institution. First convenient; followed safety; Third economy; Fourth Health.
credit card has many advantages, many of the world's countries (regions) widespread use of credit cards.

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