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February 5.1919-"Establishment of the" yellow international

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February 5, 1919 (, Kang Xi fifth day of the first month), "yellow international established.

1919 at the original Second International recovery, namely the so-called "international Berne", also known as the "yellow international.
Second International, formerly known as the international joint organization of the countries in the socialist parties and workers' organizations, but after the outbreak of the First World War, most of the Social Democratic Party openly betrayed the proletariat to become a social chauvinism.
after the end of the First World War, because of the victory of the October Socialist Revolution, the national party of the proletariat generally requires the establishment of a new the proletarian international organization to promote world revolution. The end of 1918, the countries of Western Europe Socialist Party leftists rally in Petrograd, in Moscow in January, "Notice of 39 communist groups book. In this case, the original Second International 26 right-wing of the Socialist Party in the United States, Britain, France, Germany, and representatives of the "centrist" can not wait to Bern, Switzerland, on February 3 meeting to elect the so-called social 'International Executive Committee of the 5th publicly announced the restoration of the Second International. Because advocating bourgeois democracy against the dictatorship of the proletariat, support of imperialist victors of manipulation League of Nations, so it is a yellow, betrayal, the renegade International, also known as "yellow international."

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