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February 5.0249-The Sima Yi coup control of Luoyang

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Feb. 5 years, 249 (Baba month sixth days), Sima Yi coup control Luoyang. the

Wei Di Cao Fang and great general Cao Shuang Cao Xi leader in High pingling (Henan Luoyang southeast Dashishan) to sweep the mausoleum of Emperor Ming beware. February 5
249 (Wei Zheng Shi decade is the beginning of six ago in 1763) the Sima Yi coup controls Luoyang "target =" _blank "> Sima Yi, on behalf of the Queen Mother ordered closed all the gates of Luoyang, occupy arsenal, retreat flood pontoon; life Szeto high the soft fake festival line generals military occupation Cao Shuang barracks; military, the implementation of the concept of large king collar occupy Cao Yi barracks. [lssdjt.cn] the half day time
, Sima Yi control of Luoyang. Sima Yi coup, sent people to send a memorial to Zeng Fang expose the evil brothers Cao Shuang to require removal had cool military power. Secretary for Agriculture Cao Shuang Huan Fan persuade Brothers Band significantly Wei Di Liufang go to Xuchang, Quartet soldiers attack Luoyang. brother Cao Shuang was speechless, and suddenly had cool draw his sword, said: "I also without losing for the wealthy glass!" So, he took Cao Fang and other people with Hui Gong.
soon of Sima Yi Youyi had cool, He Yan, Tang? small Mi, Bi rail and Li Sheng conspiracy count of rebellious they beheaded, and razed the three communities.

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